After Major Victory At IX Innovation Tour Stop In Boston, Marshall Barnes Now Eyes ISDC Results

Marshall Barnes was one of 25 innovation presenters at the IBM Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA and made the biggest impression of all. Now, in the wake of the International Space Development Conference, he seeks a strong position in space tourism.
Flyer promoting Marshall Barnes at the ISDC
Flyer promoting Marshall Barnes at the ISDC
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LOS ANGELES - May 26, 2014 - PRLog -- Marshall Barnes, the internationally noted R&D engineer is taking cues from Alexander the Great and seems bent on conquering the world with his own view of what the 21st century should be. After spending the last several years positioning himself as a force to be reckoned within physics and science, defeating Stephen Hawking and constantly proving the renowned physicist wrong, not only in science but even in politics,  Marshall has now entered the world of innovation with a bang, by appearing at the IX Innovation Cities Tour stop in Boston and wowing a good number of attendees with his knowledge, accomplishments and his position on the way forward. However, his victory there is now temporarily taking a backseat to his commitment to space and advanced concept space technology, his focus in Los Angeles while attending the International Space Development Conference at the Sheraton Gateway hotel last week. His goal - to find a partner to provide warp drive space tourism experiences which will give that partnership total dominance in the space tourism industry.

"This is just a normal extension of the whole innovation field that I'm involved in," Marshall said from the party suite of 1224 at the hotel last week while talking about his torsion technology that could be the key for opening traversable wormholes - the theme of the paper he delivered during the Space UP session of the conference. "I am going to be a dominate leader in all these fields that are linked because I have experience and advanced knowledge that will effect them all".

Marshall points out that John Spencer, a space design expert who has led the way in creating the space tourism industry and coined the term, 'space experience economy' and has been an established leader in the field, is set to be outflanked, out-teched and outdone by Marshall's coming agenda.

"It is a classic case of how disruptive innovation can conquer the established paradigm. John has these projects like Mars World in Las Vegas which is a massive investment and still not close to being built. Well, while he's doing that and hoping to get customers to buy passage on his proposed super space yacht called, Destiny, space is only part of the picture. While I will be involved in space tourism, I'm already beyond space as a singular next big thing idea - I'm capturing the idea of the future itself. I'm promoting the 22nd Century Experience™ which encompasses experiences both real and simulated and will be accessible for all, across all platforms, all screens, all venues and all lives. I call it the 22nd Century Experience™ because what we have here in the 21st century is a joke. So, instead of trying to rebrand the 21st century, I'm saying you all can have it - I'm going to go beyond and bringing in my vision, which I will call 22nd Century".

Marshall will use his considerable expertise as a futurist, innovator and multimedia designer and production expert, to create experiences that are ahead of their time, thus the "22nd Century" moniker. Already, he has a vast backlog to choose from, placing him ahead of any competitor that exists today.

"It's like something from the future," Amy Newberry says in a taped news report for the NBC NewsChannel from 1992, about Marshall's then new production - Seeing the Breykiot.

"Yep," Marshall interjects, "Like something from a future more than twenty years away because still today, no one has done anything like it, and I know how to make it even better now."

'It' was the first and still only psychoactive rock video album which is designed to get the viewer high. Marshall intends to re-release it next year with special glasses that will make the experience go even further.

"The glasses are my own design, instead of being cardboard frame types from American Paper Optics. These will be most probably, high quality, metal frames with true optics - not plastic lenses. From the tests that we did before, I know that it will shake the world and be a defining moment for the new kind of innovations that I intend to deploy on a global scale."

Marshall has in the works a 5 minute episodic TV show for the web that already has enough footage in the can to last two years. It will be viewable across all screens except normal cable or broadcast TV but will be available on any of the new TV systems that will display web content. Marshall, has TV production and program creation experience dating back to 1979 when he first exploded music programming on public access cable in Columbus, OH. In 1990, Marshall debuted an experimental TV series that lasted 5 minutes per episode and was gaining popularity before he had to cancel it to do other projects, but it was that experience that sold him on the idea for his newer version, which became formulated in his mind in 2010 in the wake of the popularity of Fox TV's FRINGE. FRINGE appeared to borrow heavily from incidents and research from Marshall's own life. He responded by launching the groundwork for what is to become his new 5 minute web TV series, The True Pattern.

"In retaliation, I decided to create my own program which would out live Fringe," Marshall discussed, "as well as out do it. A lot of the cross promotional gimmicks that the show used, I knew about from the 80s, and I've since realized how to use a similar approach to make the program interactive with the audience which will blur the boundary between it and reality in a way that's never been done before. In the end, the fans will be living the show in their own lives..."

Other projects include his much celebrated work paralleling the technology in movies like Brain Storm and Strange Days (see ).

Marshall, currently busy with laying out a 5 year program of development of his STDTS™ warp drive space program that will culminate with the ability for space tourists to experience a short lived, warp cruise outside of near earth orbit, was in Los Angeles after the ISDC, making contacts with other individuals and firms that will contribute toward making his vision a reality. One of them is XCor Aerospace, a company with a space plane that is selling tickets for trips for $95,000. One of their planes, the Lynx Mark III, has a dorsal compartment that could carry a deep space probe of Marshall's for launch inside of Earth orbit. From there, the probe would theoretically be able to escape Earth's gravitational pull with Marshall's STDTS™ field. The entire mission would be videoed for television worldwide, including all the footage of the flight into space, as long as it can be received from the probe. Success in this venture will make Marshall the dominate force in space exploration and open the doors for an entirely new level of space tourism than what is currently envisioned.

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