Switzerland’s Only Public Automated Parking System Reopens after Upgrade

The re-opening of the upgraded City Parking automated parking facility in Schaffhausen (CH) will be celebrated on May 10, 2014 with prizes, food and parking discounts. The celebration is open to the public and runs from 10 AM to 5 PM.
WINTERTHUR, Switzerland - May 3, 2014 - PRLog -- City Parking in Schaffhausen is Switzerland’s only public automated parking system. After being partially closed for controls maintenance and software optimization, City Parking will re-open with a celebration including food, parking discounts and prizes on Saturday May 10, from 10 to 5 PM.

Originally built in 1958 as a manual underground car lift, City Parking is in the older section of Schaffhausen and serves both short-term and long-term parkers. It was converted to a fully automated parking system in 1997. The most recent service will enable the facility to park and retrieve cars more quickly thanks to newly optimized software. It will also park cars in a more space-efficient manner by better matching car size to parking space size. In addition, an improved customer interface will make the self-service automated parking experience easier and more efficient.

The re-opening celebration is to inform the community about the improved operational features at City Parking while providing a barbeque, special discount parking offers and door prizes for the attendees. Owner, Parking Properties AG, and contractor, Skyline Parking AG, will host the celebration. Admission is free to the public. Pictures and description: www.skyline-parking.com/projects-references/reference-schaffhausen/

Automated Parking Systems

Automated Parking Systems (APS) are the modern way to park cars using much less land while being more sustainable, safe, and secure than conventional parking facilities. Much like robotic valet parking, drivers drop off and pick up their cars at the APS entrance. The APS automatically moves cars to and retrieves them from the smallest available parking spaces without human interaction Since drivers and passengers never enter the parking area there is no need for space-wasting features such as extra-wide parking spaces, driving lanes, ramps, walkways, elevators, etc. Keeping humans away from parked cars and out of the parking area makes APS very safe and secure by eliminating opportunities for theft, robbery, vandalism and worse.

About Skyline Parking AG

Headquartered in Winterthur Switzerland, Skyline Parking AG designs and delivers state-of-the-art automated parking systems throughout the greater European area and in selected markets worldwide. Skyline offers a line of automated parking systems capable of addressing virtually any car parking application from 60 to several thousand cars, even in areas where conventional parking isn’t viable or possible: under, inside or between buildings or in irregularly-shaped areas. Reference projects, product information and explanatory videos are available at the Skyline Parking website: www.skyline-parking.com

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