Marshall Barnes Selected To Be One Of 25 "Storytellers" At Boston Innovation Event

In a major development on the heels of his announcement he'll compete against multiple leading companies pursuing "new mood enhancing technology", Marshall Barnes is one of 25 innovators to tell their stories at a major innovation event in Boston.
Marshall Barnes at the OSU Technology Commercialization Center (copyright 2013)
Marshall Barnes at the OSU Technology Commercialization Center (copyright 2013)
May 1, 2014 - PRLog -- In a move signaling he is a serious force in the exploding field of innovation, internationally noted research and development engineer Marshall Barnes has been selected as one of 25 "storytellers" for the May 12th Where The Cathedral Meets The Bazaar, the Innovation Excellence 2014 Innovation Cities Tour, otherwise known as IX Innovation Cities Tour. Innovation Excellence is the  online home of the global innovation community, with thousands of members from over 175 countries – thought leaders, executives, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia representing all sectors and industries. Their mission statement is to broadly enhance innovation by providing a forum for connection and conversation across this community – assembling an ever-growing arsenal of resources, best practices and proven answers for achieving innovation excellence. The Innovation Excellence community currently generates over 225,000 unique visits and requests more than 800,000 pages every month.

Yesterday, Julie Anixter, co-founder of Innovation Excellence, released this announcement about the event and who the innovation storytellers would be. Marshall Barnes appeared at the top of the list:


25 Great Storytellers Will Be on Hand
Expect Cocktails, Connections and Conversations
wrapped in an Innovation Story Exchange
Panel starts at 6:30 p.m.
Moderated by Whitney Johnson,
includes Eric Apse, Jeff Avallon, Hutch Carpenter, Judith E. Glaser,
Rabbi Irwin Kula, and Hitendra Patel

Our goal is to collect 100 Innovation (Teaching) Stories and to SPREAD them everywhere.

Confirmed Storytellers!
Story Exchange starts at 6:00 and resumes at 7:30

Marshall Barnes - R&D Engineer

Best Friends - Francis Battista

BiblioMotion, Erika Heilman, Jill Friedlander

Connecticut Invention Convention - Helen Charov

Constant Contact - C. Todd Lombardo

Creating We Institute/Conversational Intelligence – Judith E. Glaser

Disruptor Foundation – Craig Hatkoff & Irwin Kula

Foley Hoag - Gil Arie

Sam Ford, Author, Spreadable Media/MIT Media Comparative Media


Front End of Innovation - Kim Rivielle

HYPE Innovation - Hutch Carpenter

Idea Paint - Jeff Avallon

IBM - Eric Apse

Innovation Excellence Research - Doug Williams

IXL Center/Global Innovation Certification - Hitendra Patel

KITE – Tarah Feinberg & KITE Curated startups

Mass Challenge & Mass Challenge Curated Startups

Mobinett - Chris Requena

Roche's Innovation Journey-Sheila Babnis

Ken Smith, Author

Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award Winners - Virtually

The Upstart Company - Michael Moriarty

WomenLEAD - Ilene Fischer

The fact that Marshall will be appearing, with such an august cast of new thinkers and creatives, is a testament to the effectiveness of his campaign, once thought by some to be qxiotic, but is shaping up to be more along the lines of an Alexander the Great conquest - 2012 proving Stephen Hawking wrong six ways to Sunday, 2013 beating Dr. Ronald Mallett in the race to build the first time machine and proving that he has the only viable technology for warp drive to the faces of some of his competition at the 100 Year Starship Symposium where he was invited by director Mae Jemison, and now announcing the he will be a contender in the race to develop new mood enhancing technologies instead of attempting to assist the multiple leading companies that are now seeking technical input in that area. And those are just the highlights.

"Right now there is a lot of chatter about a plethora of things that people are grasping at - thinking that they will lead to greater innovations", Marshall said, "and one of these ideas is the concept of disruption or disruptive innovation and I just have to laugh when I hear people talking about it and I'll tell you why. The most disruptive thing that can be done, in the midsts of all this, is something totally different than what they're talking about. It's a simple understanding of a mathematical concept called Rene Thom's catastrophe theory and here's how it works - While you have these thought leaders moving people toward these concepts that tend to be group oriented, such as sharing and connecting all kinds of desperate things together, eventually all of that is no longer innovative, it will be the standard model.

"The disruptive innovation, and I mean on the cutting edge, would be to find the weaknesses, flaws, the counterproductive loopholes in all of that, and launch a counter effort disrupting the more collective groupthink, offering not only a new vision but a new reality because of the effective application of that disruption to what was just being established. So it is a completely different paradigm which doesn't come from within the groupthink collective".

"In some ways I've already done this," he continued, "because no one thought that I'd be able to accomplish what I already have and the full effects haven't been felt yet from that - but they will be soon, and they will be disruptive in some circles on an unprecedented level. Proving that Stephen Hawking isn't the most intelligent mind on the planet will have a powerful disruptive effect in many areas, physics, education, psychology and even PR and marketing. But that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I'm going to be doing it at the International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles, where I'll be going after I leave the innovation event in Boston, and at the ISDC I'll be presenting a very cogent paper on how my Verdrehung Fan™ represents the first tangible possibility for the engineering of traversable wormholes. If that can be accomplished, it will open up the galaxy for potential exploration on a scale only imagined as a far, distant possibility. How innovative is that?

"My rock hero of my teenage years was Todd Rundgren, who not only was the original source of much of what I learned about innovation, but who also said that he wanted to change the world. I'm going to".

Both Alexander the Great and Todd Rundgren are mentioned in Marshall's innovation story for the Boston event, which is a two part tale of overcoming opposition and achieving victory through the application of advanced creative thinking, of which Marshall has proved, beyond any doubt, that he is a master of.

At the Boston event, attendees will be able to mill about and converse with Marshall and the other 24 storytellers, trying to understand each of their own unique experiences and perspectives and there will be a panel discussion as they did in New York, by Whitney Johnson with Eric Apse, Jeff Avallon, Hutch Carpenter, Judith E. Glaser, Rabbi Irwin Kula, and Hitendra Patel.

Those that wish to attend the Boston event, or the others to follow, should see the event page, so they can RSVP.

More can be learned about Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng on his profile page .

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