World's Most Technologically Advanced Breathalyzer Machine Deters Drunk Driving

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - April 4, 2014 - PRLog -- This year, approximately 10,839 people will die in alcohol related accidents – one every fifty minutes!

In an effort to combat this grim statistic, the The Boozelator® 5000 Breath Alcohol Content Tester was designed to help save lives!

The unique vending machine style device allows anyone who has been drinking alcohol to quickly determine his or her breath alcohol level. However, unlike other breathalyzer vending machines, the Boozelator® 5000 uses a law enforcement grade platinum fuel sensor to ensure absolutely accurate results!

The fundamental purpose of the Boozelator® 5000 is to make communities, towns, and cities safer for their residents.

Consequently, the Boozelator® 5000 allows any individual to be certain he or she is below the legal blood alcohol limit before operating a vehicle! The Boozelator™ 3001, however, cautions that you should never operate a vehicle or machinery after consuming any bit of alcohol.

Furthermore, the Boozelator® 5000 is extremely easy to use! First, the customer must insert a cash or credit card payment (The Boozelator® 5000 can be programmed to accept a one to five dollar payment for each use). Secondly, the customer will be instructed to insert a sanitary straw into the device. He or she will then be prompted to blow a long steady breath through the straw. Likewise, if an individual does not blow hard enough, the highly sensitive Boozelator® 5000 will prompt the individual to blow again; unlike some other brands of breathalyzer vending machines which will display a result even if the test was not taken properly. Lastly, the result for the breath test will be digitally displayed.

In the event a patron has had too much to drink at a restaurant, bar or club and is then later involved in an alcohol related accident outside of that establishment, the owner of said establishment would most certainly experience a flood of mixed emotions.

Could the tragedy have been prevented?

The aforementioned scenario is precisely why the Boozelator® 5000 is marketed as a safety device that is specifically designed to prevent senseless accidents and fatalities!

In addition, if a bar or club owner experiences a problem with an unruly or rowdy patron, the Boozelator® 5000 can be used to instantly and accurately determine whether or not the individual is overly intoxicated. The patron may then be asked to leave the establishment peaceably.

The sleek and compact machine easily mounts on any flat wall, although Blo Dad & Sons highly recommend it be placed in a conspicuous area.

In a society where safety is often overlooked, the presence of the machine alone sends a loud and clear message that the establishment in question fully supports the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol and further encourages those who have had too much to refrain from driving drunk.

Better informed people make better decisions and that is exactly how the Boozelator® 5000 helps save lives each and every day!

For more information regarding the Boozelator® 5000, the world’s most advanced breathalyzer machine, please contact Gabriel Jacobs.


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