Prompt and Reliable Furniture Assembly By Flat Pack Mate

LONDON - March 6, 2014 - PRLog -- Flat pack assembly in London is no longer a problem for furniture buyers because they can take advantage of proficient and affordable services provided by Flat Pack Mates.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say but when it comes to IKEA, we can definitely highlight an exception. If you've ever opened the box of an IKEA item, then you know very well their instructions come in the form of what would seem like a very boring comic book to a child. Not only that but to actually follow the instructions would require a degree in semiotics and fine arts. Add the pain of actually shopping in an IKEA store and you can see why this retail is so detestable. No wonder companies such as Flat Pack Mates provide an IKEA assembly service in London – it takes a specialists to figure out how to turn a pile of wooden parts into a dining room chair.

But science says the average buyer actually loves flat pack furniture! And not only because it is so much cheaper than its premium quality handmade alternative. Researchers have laid their eyes on a little something called the IKEA effect.

Long story short, you are more likely to love something inanimate if you've made it yourself rather than actually buying something ready. The investment of time and efforts you put in self-assembled goods actually makes you love them... even though you'll be drinking your warm beverages off a crooked coffee table from now on.

Here's what a regular IKEA buyer and Flat Pack Mates client – who wished to remain unnamed – commented: “Well, I'm not entirely sure about this study. I mean, these guys exploit an angle here. Of course you love something more when you've made it yourself. Home cooking is a perfect example. However, furniture assembly shouldn't come with the risk of slicing your veins. You shouldn't want to bang your head in the wall over a missing chair leg – it would be much better if you buy the whole thing already assembled and fully functional.”

A Flat Pack Mates ( ) spokesperson said: “This study actually makes sense. Naturally, a person is bound to feel something for the things he makes himself. But in this age, who has the time to assemble furniture? Even though we're specialists, it takes us a few minutes, too. However, our clients are always satisfied by the results. We make sure every item is assembled correctly so it can function properly.”

Those who experience difficulties with furniture assembly can always turn to Flat Pack Mates for help by visiting:

They cover all London areas and provide furniture delivery as well. You can always reach them on their hotline 020 3404 4600 and book a service for a day and time which suit you best.

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