Retirement Financial Planner Bill Losey Offers Six Ways To Retire Happy

Bill Losey, America’s Retirement Strategist®, recently published a new article discussing several ways to retire happy and comfortable.
Bill Losey,
Bill Losey,
SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. - Feb. 13, 2014 - PRLog -- Bill Losey, Retirement Intelligence publisher and Retirement Advisor, recently published an article offering ways that retirees can succeed in realizing the life that they want. The blog found on his website, is titled “6 Ways To Retire Happy & Comfortable.”

Bill writes, “Fate aside, it isn’t merely a matter of stock market performance or investment selection that makes the difference. There are certain dos and don’ts – some less apparent than others – that tend to encourage retirement happiness and comfort.”

Here are the six tips that Bill reveals in the article:

1.     Retire financially literate

2.     Retire knowing that you’ll have to assume some risk

3.     Retire debt-free, or close to debt-free

4.     Retire with purpose

5.     Retire Healthy

6.     Retire in a community where you feel at home

On retiring financially literate, Bill writes, “Some retirees don’t know how much they don’t know. They end their careers with inadequate financial knowledge, and yet feel that they can plan retirement on their own. They mistake retirement income planning for the whole of retirement planning, and gloss over longevity risk, risks to their estate, and potential health care expenses. The more you know, the more your retirement readiness improves.”

Bill also explains how retiring with purpose is a huge factor in retirement happiness. Bill writes, “There’s a difference between retiring and quitting. Some people can’t wait to quit their job at 62 or 65 – their work is ‘killing’ them, or boring them senseless.  If only they could escape and just relax and do nothing for a few years – wouldn’t that be a nice reward? Relaxation can lead to inertia, however – and inertia can lead to restlessness, even depression. You want to retire to a dream, not away from a problem.”

Read what else Bill has to say about these and the other tips at

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Bill Losey is a nationally known and respected retirement planning advisor, specializing in 401k rollover advice, self-directed IRA rollovers, 401k direct rollovers, and many other investment and retirement strategies.  Bill’s company, Bill Losey Retirement Solutions, LLC, is an independent registered investment advisory firm that caters primarily to couples as well as divorced and widowed women nationwide (age 55+) who demand objective financial and retirement advice; customized, fee-only investment management; attention to detail; and impeccable service.

Each issue of Bill Losey’s award-winning free weekly email newsletter, Retirement Intelligence®, reveals how-to-articles, secrets, investment ideas, a "Joke Of The Week", fitness and diet tips, and promotes upcoming seminar dates to keep subscribers “in-the-know.”  Bill and his staff seek to provide informative and entertaining information readers can use to simply and confidently enhance their health, wealth and happiness.

Bill is also a contributing author for MarketWatch Retirement ( – a section of launched by The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. Featuring news, advice and analysis targeted towards people saving for retirement, those who should be, and those already retired, this section brings together the expertise of MarketWatch’s retirement reporters and columnists.

To learn more about Bill Losey Retirement Solutions, please visit and

About Bill Losey, CFP®, CSA
America’s Retirement Strategist®

Bill Losey, CFP®, caters to women and couples (age 50-80) who seek to reduce post-retirement risk and generate a predictable, sustainable, increasing stream of retirement income they won’t outlive.  As a qualified professional in the areas of retirement strategies, personal finance and investment management, Bill has been seen and heard on hundreds of TV and radio stations such as FOX News, NPR, CBS News, CNBC, Business Week, TIME, AARP, U.S. News & World Report, and Oprah & Friends.

Bill has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry and is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and Certified Retirement Coach.  He is the owner of Bill Losey Retirement Solutions, LLC, a fee-based registered investment advisory firm serving a small nationwide clientele.  Bill is the author of Retire in a Weekend! The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Making Work Optional ( and he publishes Retirement Intelligence® (, a free, weekly, award-winning newsletter that reaches over 5,000 subscribers worldwide.  Formerly, Bill was the “resident retirement expert” on CNBC’s “On the Money” television program.

In his leisure time, Billy, as his friends call him, loves to sing.  He is an accomplished vocalist and has performed the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden, the Pepsi Arena, and other sporting venues.  Currently Bill is the lead singer of a vocal duo called The New York Lounge Lizards ( He has been married for nearly 25 years to his wife Tori.  Together they have three sons, two dogs, and one fish.

Learn more at ( or by calling 518-581-1666.

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