Making Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous - How To Do It

Making your ex boyfriend jealous is a very popular technique that a lot of girls in your position implement to get a reaction from him. If you want to get him back though it is never a good idea. Find out the dos and don'ts.
Making Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous - How To Do It
Making Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous - How To Do It
Jan. 27, 2014 - PRLog -- Making your ex boyfriend jealous is common after a break up. It is a tried and tested method that girls like you use to provoke a reaction from him. If you want to play games with him and make him feel bad it is very useful. However, if you still care about him and are trying to get him back in your life, jealousy is best left behind in the dust. It will never work the way that you had planned and will only wind up making you look childish, spiteful and callous. You don't want him to view you like that do you?

Making your ex boyfriend jealous is a fine art that you have to learn to master in order to get the desired results. You must stop thinking about jealousy in the normal way. It does not have to be in your face to be effective. More often than not, more subtle types of energy are make more of an impact on him because he doesn't think that you are trying to get a reaction from him. That is the beauty of it. You don't even have to try that hard to make him jealous either, it all works by merely understand how he thinks after the break up. That is all.

If you are considering using jealousy to get your ex boyfriend back then things must be at rock bottom for you right now. You have tried everything else to get his attention and jealousy seems to be your only option left. You don't want to have to resort to little mind games to get him to notice you and the last thing that you want is to come off as a player or a bunny boiler, but he just doesn't seem interested anymore, it is the only way, right? WRONG!

There are many more ways to provoke a reaction from your ex boyfriend, you just don't know them yet or really understand how the male psyche operates. But if you are determined to make your ex boyfriend jealous you need to know what you are doing and to implement the right strategies at the right time for maximum impact. Please realise that jealousy will not solve your problems overnight and will not make him come running back to you immediately. If you push too hard too soon it will spell disaster for any chance that you two may have had of getting back together in the future. Jealousy is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands and if you're not careful it could end up blowing up in your face.

Why Jealousy Works - The Positive Aspects

That being said jealousy does work if used correctly. This is because it elicits strong emotional reactions from your ex. It is one of the quickest ways of seeing whether he still has feelings for you or if you still affect him on any level. Think about it, if he had completely moved on then he would not care about your attempts to make him jealous, he would actually find it quite amusing and pathetic. It is a much more effective method of getting him back than sending him love letters or pleading on him to see sense. That is because it makes him suddenly sit up and take notice of you again. He secretly thought that you would always be there if he wanted to get back together with you, but when he sees that you could be moving on with your life he quickly has to reassess the situation and make a decision about whether he wants to let you go for good.

Jealousy ignites the fear of losing you and will often encourage him to take proactive action to keep you and make more of an effort. It also stirs those old feelings inside him again, feelings that he perhaps thought had vanished completely. The thought of you being with someone else or having a better life without him will affect him deeply. He will have to start to face up to how he really feels about you and this is what you want. Even if he is giving you the coldest and most distant vibes possible, jealousy can conjure up a whole plethora of feelings that he never expected, this is why it is so powerful.

Ways To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

1. Cut Off All Contact With Him

You may not think that not talking to your ex boyfriend has anything to do jealousy, but it has. You see, when you disappear from his life suddenly and he doesn't know what you are up to, it will start to cause him to doubt. He will doubt you, your feelings towards him and what has happened between you. Doubt ultimately breeds feelings of jealousy because he won't know where he stands with you anymore. The best thing about this method of jealousy is that it is extremely subtle. He will not know that you are trying to make him jealous at all. Therefore he will not view you negatively and you still retain the hope of getting him back in the future. Using jealousy this way will also prevent you from looking spiteful and jealous.

2. Start Going Out And Enjoying Your Life Again

When you start changing your social life your ex boyfriend will invariably notice sooner or later. Your mutual friends will notice a change in you and it will get back to him. Jealousy works here by making him see that you do not need him to be happy. You have a life of your own with your own personal interests and passions. You are not going to allow your break up to rule your life and make you live like a hermit in your house. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he has hurt you or that you miss him.

Your Next Steps - Do You Want Him Back?

Be honest with yourself. If you are making your ex boyfriend jealous then you obviously still have feelings for him otherwise you wouldn't bother. You have to think carefully about whether you want to get back with him down the line. That is where the links below come in. Click on the link below to learn about male psychology, why he acts the way he does after a break up, and techniques to win back his love.

Does He Still Like You? - Find Out Here

Before you go charging in on a quest to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to know where you stand with him. There will be certain signals that he is exhibiting that will show you how he genuinely feels about you now. You have to look out for them as these signs are often overlooked by women. The link below explains what to watch out for.

Use Facebook To Make Him Want You Again

Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool in making your ex boyfriend want you again. It is also a brilliant way to plant seeds of jealousy in him. Find out how to use Facebook to your advantage to create desire and jealousy in your ex boyfriend by clicking the link below.
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