How to Please Your Valentine Who Loves to Read and Write Using Mobile Devices in Global Cyberspace

Explosion in worldwide use of smartphones, tablets, iPads, and E-Readers, presents a new environment for celebrating Valentine's Day with the loved ones. E-Books of romantic poetry can be uniquely designed or devices offered with E-Titles in them
E-Book Covers for E-Guides Developed by 21st Century Research
E-Book Covers for E-Guides Developed by 21st Century Research
SARASOTA, Fla. - Jan. 10, 2014 - PRLog -- Increasingly gifts to friends and loved ones are in the form of mobile communication devices. This also creates an excellent opportunity for E-Books to be presented as gifts to almost anybody. Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to take advantage of these new cyberproducts and solutions.

    You can design an E-Book of romantic love poems, dedicate it to your valentine, and publish on Kindle under a pseudonim. You can offer it anonymously to many recipients.

   21st Century Research published three E-Guides by Bohdan O. Szuprowicz on Amazon Kindle. With the explosion of mobile devices such as E-Readers, iPads, iPhones, smartphones, and numerous tablets, there is a rapidly growing market for developing them into E-Valentine gifts limited only by the imagination.

    Besides being valuable and practical gifts, these E-Guides provide a means for the users to write and publish their own E-Books or E-Stories. The details of those are described below and there are direct links for each E-Guide to Amazon pages that contain full descriptions of these products, including prices and links for downloading free sample pages of each.

     In all the E-Guides the author explains how anyone who wants to become a published author, can do so whenever he wants to do it, without waiting for literary agents or publishers, and at no cost at all.

    Above all the author stresses the need to read and follow all the instructions provided by the digital publishers and software suppliers who are involved in publishing and promotion. This will ensure successful implementation of the publishing and promotional processes.

    Over a dozen chapters discuss specific free activities available to an author to write and publish a digital book with special attention given to the development, publication, and promotion of their E-Books using free services available through the Internet almost anywhere in the world.

    "Free Book Publishing and Promotion Anytime Everywhere" is the most comprehensive E-Guide designed for international English language authors who have access to the Internet and wish to publish their manuscripts in form of novels, memoirs or other non-fiction books from anywhere in the world. Full table of contents is available through the link below

    "How to Publish Veteran Memoirs for Free" is an E-Guide specifically adressing the problems faced by veterans. It points out the need to verify details of campaigns and equipment involved and suggests sources of information and preparation of images.

   "How to Publish Your Book for Free" is the simplest E-Guide designed to provide basic information to an author who is trying to publish for the first time.

21st Century Research Amazon Kindle Publications

    The firm evaluates digital publishing in form of  E-Book services, E-Stories, E-Reports and E-Flash Stories which can be published on Amazon Kindle and other tablets like Kobo. Bohdan O. Szuprowicz, is already testing the applicability of Kindle publishing with several E-Stories including "The Sweet Taste of Revenge", "A Cold War Love Affair", "How They Stopped Hitler's Nuclear Weapons Program", "A Sawgrass Vendetta", "A Christmas I Want to Forget" and "A Guide to Foreign Obama Cartoons". "Stop and Think  About Guns in Your Life - Childhood"  and - "Teenage Years"  are the latest two E-Memoirs recently published on Amazon Kindle. "Top 100 Circulation Newspaper Editors E-Mail List" is a special product designed for PR agents, businessmen, and syndicators to promote their products.

    About 21st Century Research

    Bohdan O. Szuprowicz, President of 21st Century Research, arrived in the Unites States soon after the Russians launched the Sputnik satellite in 1957. He was recruited by Boeing in Seattle as an engineer and later he joined General Dynamics and IBM, whence he moved to the Center for Economic and Industrial Research Inc. headquartered in Washington DC. He began writing articles about progress of automation in many industries and became the editor of High Technology West, a subsidiary of the newspaper California Business in Los Angeles. This was followed by a round-the-world trip to evaluate computerization in many countries of Africa, Australasia and Europe and included a special visit to Vietnam to observe use of information technology under wartime conditions.
     He founded the 21st Century Research consultancy in 1974 and collaborated with Chase Manhattan Bank in setting up a market research operation to evaluate opportunities in China, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. He traveled frequently to those areas and crossed Checkpoint Charlie to East Berlin on several occasions. He also toured South Africa to observe apartheid environments and met with independence fighters in Namibia. His work on network planning earned him an invitation to present it at the International Symposium on Operations Research for Developing Countries in Paris.
     As a result of his experiences and research into global geopolitics, he published “Doing Business with People’s Republic of China” and “How to Avoid Strategic Materials Shortages” with John Wiley & Sons, as well as “How to Invest in Strategic Metals” with St. Martin’s Press. He also published “Multimedia Networking” with McGraw-Hill, which included Japanese and Korean editions and “Multimedia Tools for Managers” developed for AMACOM. Szuprowicz also collaborated for several years with Computer Technology Research, and published 15 corporate reports about search engines,  multimedia, Internet marketing, and various networking technologies.
     He also published hundreds of articles in many countries in journals such as Les Affaires, Atlanta Constitution, Australian Financial News, Barron’s Weekly, Bull & Bear, Business South Africa, California Business, Canadian Business, China Business Review, Christian Science Monitor, Computerworld, Denver Post, Dun’s Review, Eurofinance, Financial Post, Investment Dealers Digest, IPO Reporter, Japan Economic Journal, National Investment & Finance of India, Newsday, Newsweek International, New Scientist, Oficinas, Polish Daily, Singapore Times, Skrzydlata Polska, Usine Nouvelle, Wall Street Microinvestor, Wall Street Transcript, ZeroUno and many others.
     Szuprowicz is an active member of the British Schools and Universities Club, the Schiehallion Club of Kinloch Rannoch, Republican Club of South Sarasota County, National Rifle Association, Sarasota Fiction Writers, Sarasota Authors Connection, Sarasota Writers Forum, Sarasota Camera Club, Sarasota PC Users Group, and was previously a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Bohdan O. Szuprowicz

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