How To Make Him Want You Back After A Break Up

Making your ex boyfriend want you back again can seem impossible right now. It isn't if you have the correct tools at your disposal. Learn how to make it happen and turn your whole situation around below.
How To Make Him Want You Back After A Break Up
How To Make Him Want You Back After A Break Up
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Jan. 6, 2014 - PRLog -- Making your ex boyfriend want you back again is not as difficult as it seems. You are reeling from your break up and desperately want him to realise what a mistake he has made. You often don't quite realize how much you love your ex-boyfriend until it seems to be too late - and your ex-boyfriend has ended your relationship. You want to know how to win him back and how to put your relationship back in place. Knowing how to rebuild a lost relationship is no easy process, especially if you have to face it alone. Your friends are telling you that you're better off without him and that you should just move on. While their advice is heart-felt, it's not what you want. You want to make your relationship work - no matter what happened between you.

If you really want to put your relationship back together and make your ex boyfriend want you back, you need to be able to put a cohesive and worthwhile plan in place. If you don't have a plan, you're just going to be flying blind. Needless to say, that does not increase your chances. You need to understand some breakup psychology and you need to know what your ex is experiencing before you can come up with a way to counter it successfully.

What Message Does Your Behavior Send?

Don't make the mistaken assumption that the things that you do or say after your breakup aren't going to have a very real impact on your reconciliation efforts. Realistically speaking, every single move you make is going to have an impact. It's up to you to decide whether that impact is a negative one or a positive one.

There are two common behaviors that are typical post-breakup that you need to avoid at all costs. You can't turn into a crazy stalker of an ex-girlfriend if you hope to win your ex-boyfriend back. He's going to be expecting this. He may even be looking for it. Any attempt on your part to get in touch with him after the breakup may be used to justify his preconceived notions of typical post-breakup behavior. If you insist on following your ex around, texting or calling him on an endless loop or showing up randomly at his home or office, you may just be shooting your chances in the foot before they can ever truly get off of the ground.

Secondly you need to avoid demeaning yourself and pleading with your ex to reconsider. Your words are not going to have the impact that you hope they will. In fact, they may not have much of an impact at all other than to push your ex-boyfriend even urther away from the possibility of a renewed relationship.

Your ex is going to have a lot of preconceived ideas about typical post-breakup behavior on both of your sides. He's going to be looking for any possible sign to prove himself right, and you need to do whatever you can to change these preconceived ideas and force him to change the way he sees you - whether he wants you to or not. Demonstrate true independence and regain some of your ex-boyfriend's initial attraction to you. He wasn't draw to you because you were desperate or needy. He was attracted to you because you weren't. You need to reclaim those initial perceptions in order to keep the process gong - or bringing it to life anew.

Why Distance Works:

Distance is not an easy part of the process for a lot of women to face, although it is one of the most effective methods possible. You don't want to stay away from your ex-boyfriend. You want to throw yourself into his arms again and to make him realize that you're right for him - and you always were.

Distance works out in your favor, however. It allows your ex-boyfriend to realize that life without you is not necessarily all that he expected it to be. He misses having you around. He misses talking to you and seeing you every bit as much as you miss seeing him. These factors will allow him to start seeing the breakup in a different light - and it's only going to work out positively for your reconciliation efforts from here on out.

Use His Ego Advantageously:

No matter what your ex-boyfriend may be telling you or his guy friends, a lot of his sense of self-confidence is wrapped up in the fact that you're still chasing after him. At least you WERE still chasing after him. Now, all of that attention has come to a sudden and unexpected stop. Does that mean that you've moved on? Does that mean that you don't still love him? Over time, these questions are going to start to drive him crazy - and to drive him right back into your arms again.

The male ego is a phenomenon that is not well understood b their female counterparts. It's incredibly powerful, but it's not as resistant to negative stimuli as your ex may want you to believe. If he starts doubting your commitment or affection for him, everything that he's built since the breakup will slowly start to crumble around his feet, and he's not going to know where to turn. When you combine that with the fact that he's coming to understand his residual feelings for you,  you have a recipe for reconciliation that is almost guaranteed to succeed. Making your ex boyfriend want you back again isn't as difficult as you first thought, is it?

Your Next Steps - Do You Want Him Back?

Making your ex boyfriend want you back is only part of the puzzle. There are many more techniques that you should consider implementing today to dramatically increase your chances of getting him back. Take a look at what they are by clicking the link below.

How To Make Him Miss You

If your ex boyfriend misses you then he is much more likely to want to get back together with you. You need to make him pine for you in order for him to start chasing you again and admit how he really feels. This is much easier than you think. The link below explains all.

Signs He Wants You Back

There are several signs that you need to be on the look out for to determine how he really feels about you now. These signs are subtle so you could have overlooked them in the past. You need to get clued in on male body language and reading between the lines. Click the link below to learn more.
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