Digital Forensic Software Free for Law Enforcement Agencies; Collects Forensic Images & Unknown Data

MiniDAS, a forensic imaging software that captures never-before-known metadata, is now offered by CyanLine, exclusively for law enforcement agencies worldwide, at no cost.
EATONTOWN, N.J. - Nov. 21, 2013 - PRLog -- Leading computer forensics and network security solutions company CyanLine, now offers law enforcement agencies worldwide free software that unlocks and seizes previously unknown bonus data. Inspired by CyanLine’s highly regarded Fast Disk Acquisition System, MiniDAS (, its free subset, grants investigators the power to gather key metadata, also known as ‘data about the data,’ and capture a forensic image. The popular FDAS subset is available to all law enforcement agencies on a global scale.

“We’ve incorporated some of the brains of FDAS into MiniDAS to allow law enforcement agencies facing budget cuts the ability to see and experience the significance of metadata, which most don’t even know exist, but can change the outcome of an investigation,” said Steven Branigan, CyanLine CEO and FDAS inventor. “Investigators can use MiniDAS to find information about the disk drive itself, including the number of hours it’s been in use, how many times a device was turned on, whether the disk is password protected and more."

Branigan sees MiniDAS as a platform to introduce law enforcement agencies facing budget cuts on a local, domestic and international scale to a totally new computer forensic data-collecting software and offer a cost-effective alternative to investigating and cracking crimes.

“As police departments across the nation face budget cuts, and are therefore limited in resources and staffing levels, community policing strategies are essential to maintaining effective public safety services within this changing economy,” noted Bernard Melekian, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services director in a U.S. Department of Justice publication.

MiniDAS detects if a disk has been replaced to hide evidence. The software tracks a suspect’s hard disk’s age and usage, revealing how long a drive was in use. “If investigators search a three-year-old computer, but see in the metadata that the hard drive was only in use for 20 hours, they can infer that the suspect’s disk offered incorrect evidence,” Branigan stated. “We’re on a mission to make these agencies aware that this data exists since it can be the difference in whether a criminal either walks away unscathed or pays for their crimes.”

The free subset of the acclaimed FDAS grants law enforcement agencies the ability to collect a complete forensic image of a subject’s disk as well as details about the disk controller, known as disk metadata. Investigators simply boot the software using their own laptops, run the program, plug in the subject’s disk drive and choose to either collect the metadata or make a full forensic image.

Kroll, a company providing trusted intelligence and scalable technology solutions to companies, investors and governments, effectively incorporated MiniDAS in its operations. “CyanLine’s MiniDAS provides us substantial evidence through an interface that is easy to operate.  The information that it provides can be critical in determining the authenticity of a subject’s hard drive based on its age and usage.  Having this tool makes it possible to detect if the hard drive that is being examined is the original or is a replacement that was provided for the purpose of hindering an investigation,” said Erik Venema, a Managing Consultant with Kroll.

Laptops equipped with an eSATA connection can use MiniDAS to capture and create a forensic image. Law Enforcement Agencies around the globe are offered this exclusive software free of charge. Installation instructions can be found here ( All others interested in MiniDAS, such as corporations and law firms, are encouraged to contact CyanLine to get their own copy of this essential software.

About Cyanline

Based in New Jersey, CyanLine specializes in computer forensics and network security solutions to help individuals, companies, law firms, and law enforcement agencies on both a domestic and international level. Serving both victims of high-tech cyber crime, providing services in both a professional and confidential manner that is client-focused and results-driven. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, CyanLine’s products work to deliver quality, reliable results.

Forensic scientist and licensed private investigator, Steven Branigan, CEO, has made it his mission to create forensically sound products to advance the investigative industry. Renowned speaker and instructor, Branigan is an active member in the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), Federal Bureau Investigation’s Infragard, New Jersey License Private Investigators Association, and on the Digital Forensics Certification Board. Branigan is the author of High Tech Crimes Revealed and recently published an article in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Branigan has received awards from the U.S. Secret Service and New Jersey State Police.

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