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Dr. Tavernaro Is the President and CFO of Long Shot Productions, Ltd. In Atlanta, Georgia
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Dr. Richard Tavernaro
Dr. Richard Tavernaro
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Nov. 16, 2013 - PRLog -- Dawna Lee Heising interviewed Dr. Richard Tavernaro, the President and Chief Financial Officer of Long Shot Productions, Ltd., for “Eye on Entertainment” at Polymedia Studios in Orange, CA.  Long Shot Productions is based in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Tavernaro was raised in a military family and spent most of his childhood moving around the world.  More than half of his first 18 years were spent living in Europe. Dr. Tavernaro’s adult life leading up to his entry into the entertainment industry was quite diverse, having spent 20 years (combined active duty and reserves) as a commissioned officer in the Army, as well as working as a high school counselor, swimming/water polo coach and psychologist. These previous career moves all provided invaluable experience and training toward his film directorial skills.

Dr. Tavernaro is an avid life-long learner and currently holds two earned doctorates (a PhD in Psychology and an EdD in Educational Leadership).  A frequent traveler, he has visited five continents and over 40 countries.  His love of travel led him to open his own travel agency (I Dream Travel), which he continues to own and operate. He tends to view his travel not just as “sight-seeing”, but as an opportunity to learn.  In 2008, he spent six weeks in Nanjing, China, teaching English at a Chinese academic summer camp. This experience created in him a great deal of respect for the Chinese people and culture. His travels throughout China provided a wonderful insight into the amazing history and culture of the country.  To see the "Eye on Entertainment" video, please go to:

In 2010, Dr .Tavernaro decided to explore an industry which had always fascinated him – the entertainment industry. He took a featured role in the film “Fast 5” and was hooked. Since then, he has worked on over 50 different projects in film, television and internet/new media as an actor, director, producer and technical advisor.  In 2011, Dr. Tavernaro met Robert Kelly, and the two quickly developed a fast friendship that blossomed into a solid business partnership. Dr. Tavernaro now serves as the President of Long Shot Productions, Ltd., along with his other ventures.

As President and CFO of Long Shot Productions, Dr. Tavernaro is currently producing the first of a trilogy of feature films – “Mouthpiece” (to be followed by “The Counselor” and “The Commission”). All three are true stories about the “seedy underbelly” of Atlanta in the 1970’s. The content of the scripts come directly from newspaper articles, case files, court records and the personal accounts of a man who was “in the trenches” at the time, the screenwriter of the films Robert Kelly.  Heising will play Stella in "Mouthpiece".

“Mouthpiece” is an honest look at the sometimes brutal realities of a fringe culture.  It is a fierce character study of triumph over adversity and the indomitable human spirit.  It just happens to be from the perspective of, and manifests itself in, the lives of a fifteen-year-old Cajun streetwalker, a successful madam nearing the end of her career and a young street lawyer with dreams of becoming a big-shot criminal defense attorney.

The second film, “The Counselor” follows the life of the main character “Jack” as he moves up from representing the street walkers and begins dealing with the “professional criminal” element in Atlanta – participating in some of the highest profile criminal cases in Atlanta at the time.  The third film, “The Commission”, delves into the working of the Hooker Commission, a group of five women who were elected by the other hookers to “run” the streets. The commission determined who could work what street corner, who could wear what costume, and established rules for proper conduct by the hookers of Atlanta.  Broken rules were dealt with harshly by the commission’s enforcers.

The future goals of Long Shot Productions, Ltd. include developing a long-term relationship with individuals and companies in all areas of filmmaking, including investors, crew and cast. By developing these long-term relationships, the company will be able to create an established “package” to provide to potential new film projects. By creating this established production team, Long Shot Productions can seek new scripts and produce them in-house, or become a point of contact for outside projects coming into the state of Georgia.

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