Why Buddy Up with a Partner Training Accelerates Weight Loss Results and Get in Shape Faster

Morris County NJ personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang explains why fitness training with a buddy (spouse, family, friend or coworker) as semi-private or partner training can provide lasting motivation, lose weight and get in shape faster.
Buddy Workout Partner Training
Buddy Workout Partner Training
DENVILLE, N.J. - May 19, 2013 - PRLog -- "There is always a better way. I have helped countless people lose weight, build muscle and get in shape over the years. People don't need to struggle their way through the weight-loss journey," says Carey Yang, a certified persona trainer and fitness expert in New Jersey.

Yang is the owner and master personal trainer at Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC -- a leading in-home personal training and weight-loss management company serving and helping clients in Morris County, Sussex County, Passaic County, Essex County and Somerset County areas in New Jersey.

"Some people keep their motivation up and momentum going, see their weight loss results faster than others. The question is why is that. What makes these people more successful than others. Of course, hiring a personal training is one thing. But that's not all of them," Yang said.

Yang said, to beat the New Year's Resolutions Syndrome, you need to watch out who you're associated with. You are the product of five of your closest friends. Research shows that obesity is epidemic and contagious. Some people call it "sympathetic weight gain" with your friends.

On the other hand, thinness could be contagious too. See who has the upper hand over the other.So stay close to your fit and healthy friends. But don't break up with your overweight friends as yet. Just be aware and stay conscious in your environments. Stay away from sources that drain your energy and damage your health. Make friends with like-minded people who are positive, fit, healthy, high-energy and high-performance.

"If you want to lose weight and change your habits, buddy up with a like-minded friend who shares a similar goal with you," Yang said. "Buddy System is one great way to help you (both of you) stay on track. It's commonly called semi-private training or partner training that two people share the same training session and cost. Buddy training is definitely a cost-effective, fun and mutually accountable way  to get in shape."

According to a psychology professor John C. Norcross at the University of Scranton, "having someone to exercise or someone who bugs you about going to the gym doesn't make a difference in January, but it does in February."

"People can tough it out on their own for a month, but after that it gets hard." said Professor Norcross. The exercise pal -- or cop, in the case of a nagging friend, spouse or office mate -- adds incentive. Your workout buddy or accountability partner will cheer you up and keep you going on occasions where you have the moment of "I don't feel like it." or "It's too (you name it excuses)."

Yang encourages people want to train together to interview personal trainer together to find the mutually accepted personal trainer, training style and training schedule. For more information about buddy training, visit http://www.beyondfitnesssolutions.com.

About C. Carey Yang and Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC
C. Carey Yang, Your Dream Body WorkoutXpert (TM), is a certified personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor based in Morris County, New Jersey. He provides in-home personal fitness training, backyard boot camp, wellness and lifestyle coaching, and fitness and weight-management seminar. He specializes in helping busy, working professionals who want safe, effective workouts with maximum results in minimum time. Yang is the creator of the 6-Step Dream Body Blueprint (TM) Body Transformation System.

To learn more about lifestyle and wellness coaching, personal fitness training and nutritional counseling and to sign up for a free monthly e-zine, receive free fitness and fat loss e-books, and schedule a complimentary consultation, visit http://www.BeyondFitnessSolutions.com.

He is also available for media interviews, providing a list of tips and articles, and presenting wellness and fitness seminar. Call 973-303-2424 or email Carey at BeyondFitnessSolutions.com.
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