When in RI, Don't Ever Throw Florescent Bulbs in the Trash - It's Against the Law

Northeast Recycle Group - A Pioneer in Recycling Making it easier and more affordable to dispose of toxic trash and obey the law
By: Northeast Recycle Group
ne recycle
ne recycle
April 4, 2013 - PRLog -- What do you get when you combine and innovative entrepreneur, a keen sense of protecting the environment and an invested corporate citizen? Northeast Recycle Group. Northeast is headed by CEO, Erren Robateau and Erren is a pioneer in the recycling business.  Erren has combined his knowledge of proper disposal of trash that can hurt people and the environment with a real investment is passing that knowledge on to the next generation and a commitment to making it easier for companies to rid the earth of harmful industrial trash.

Did you know:

Florescent bulbs are a real danger, as they a filled with mercury

·       Mercury is a harmful toxin, and when exposed to it can cause many health problems including lung and nerve damage, and even death.

·        Improper disposal of fluorescent bulbs through disposal in the landfill each year can lead to mercury leaching into the groundwater and stormwater runoff.

·        Businesses and residents are required by law to properly dispose of these bulbs properly as outlined by the EPA and RI DEM

·        Improper and illegal disposal can lead to civil fines from $1,000-5,000

·        Businesses and residences can stay in compliance by properly storing the bulbs and contacting an approved  recycler

The Rhode Island Mercury rules and regulations are promulgated pursuant to the Mercury Education  and Reduction Act, R.I. General Law Chapter 23-24.9 (1956) and the Department of Environmental Management, R.I. General Laws Chapter 42-17.1 (1956), in accordance with R.I. General Laws Chapter 42-35, Administrative Procedures of the R. I. General Laws of 1956, as amended. These regulations can have a great impact on companies and families in both the compliance aspect and the environmental aspect, especially if not followed. That is why Northeast Recycle and Erren are the place to go for plans, education and easy cost effective methods of compliance.  According to Robateau, “Many businesses find it cost prohibitive to work with most recyclers to properly dispose of the bulbs due to the high shipping costs versus the quantity of bulbs that burn out in a year.” He continued, “Northeast Recycle is offering a cost effective solution to all businesses that generate small quantities of these bulbs to help them remain in compliance with the EPA and DEM disposal bans.”

Robateau also noted the fact that many people are simply unacquainted with the regulations.“There are also many businesses that are unaware of the impacts of improper lamp disposal, and the harmful effects both legally and environmentally.”    

The regulations also include self accountability provisions.  Businesses over 0 employees are required to submit recycling reports each year. Today there are approximately 1,500 of those companies in Rhode Island.  Erren points out the disconnect and a method to help all Rhode Island navigate a way to proper disposal. “We at Northeast are aware some of those businesses that do report have no viable option to cost effectively dispose of these lamps.  In Rhode Island there are 28,000  businesses with 50 employees or less that also have to abide by the mercury reduction act. Said Robateau, “That's a lot of businesses that are not currently being helped in any way with regards to environmental compliance or being tracked.  Northeast recycle should be your first phone call.”

Northeast Recycle is a committed and active partner in continuing to educate the public, the next generation and current businesses in complying with and understanding the importance of this initiative. Northeast recycle is recycling company specializing in fluorescent lamp recycling for residential and business clients. Northeast also provides electronics recycling services and data destruction for hard drives. As a good corporate citizen, Northeast also gives back with a green fundraising program though ink, toner and cell phone collections for non-profit groups.

Northeast is a pioneering company, as they are the only company currently in RI offering both a local pick up service and mail in program. Northeast specializes in toner cartridge recycling, electronics recycling and fluorescent lamp recycling for both residential and business customers., Erren is strong believer in education and outreach, “At Northeast we are passionate about spreading the word about proper recycling and one of my favorite things to do is speak to youngsters, and they are listening.  It is certainly encouraging that our next generation is invested in protecting our planet.”

Northeast Recycle Group encourages all folks using fluorescents and electronics in their businesses, offices and home offices to be responsible and follow the law.  Says Robateau, “Dispose of those bulbs properly and we will all benefit. Call Northeast we have a program to fit your needs.”

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