100W LED Spot Video Light, is alternative of Tungsten Hot light ?

Tungsten light is a popular light, especially the accurate CRI and nature look. It takes important place in lighting kit. But the weakness is also very annoying, just like very hot heat, big power consumption and so on. What's better to Compensate?
100W LED Video Light
100W LED Video Light
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Shenzhen - Guangdong - China

SHENZHEN, China - March 14, 2013 - PRLog -- The biggest disadvantage of tungsten hotlights is the fact that they are hot and the more light you need, the hotter it gets. If you are doing a portrait of someone, and they have to sit for a while they might start sweating depending on what it is that you are doing.

Additionally because of the heat generated by some hotlights, in particular tungsten spotlights, it gets hard to adjust them without burning your hands.

Another thing, tungsten light need more power consumption, So you have to take big generation. Really not good and convienent.

Now there is a new alternative to hot light - 100W LED Video Light, as Equivalent with 1000W tungsten light with low consumption and low heat.

100WA LED Video Light features:

Super Bright Led

LED 100W Light is equipped with a super bright led. Equivalent with 1000W tungsten light, very Powerful and high intensity. Long lifetime and no need to exchange bulbs. It's one time invest and low cost from long-term consideration.

Bowens Mount

100W LED has standard bowens bayonet which is compatible with all existing reflectors, softboxes or other modifiers. The feature provides a wide range of instruments to model the light. Just make creative as you like and no need to worry the hassle of overheating.

Low Heat and Noise

100W LED uses advanced technology to reduce noise which is important for close shooting. Compare to tungsten hot light, the advantage of LED is visible. 100W LED Light uses only 10% of the energy and produces much less heat. No need to wait hours for packing and easy to set up.

Low heat also means the expensive heat-resistant softbox is less necessary and fire risk is reduced.

Optional 3200K / 5600K

There are two versions of 100W LED: 3200k(LED100W-32) and 5600k(LED100W-56). More choice to take and more versatile to use.

Constant Current Power Supply / Low Consumption

The 100W Spot Light is powered with constant current via a Battery Box. Prolong 2x lifetime relative to that powered via AC directly. Compare with 1000W tungsten light, save 90% energy.

Brightness Adjustment Indicator

The buttons for power on/off and brightness adjustment are all set on Battery Box in order to protect the light and use conveniently. Know the accurate intensity level via indicator.

The NEW 100W Spot Light is a powerful continuous LED light which is able to accept softboxes and other light modifiers in the same way as mains-powered flash heads. LED 100W Light is well performance for either stills or video photography.

How do you think? what's your opinion? Just feel free to contact with us: service@led-video-lights.com

Lear more: http://www.led-video-lights.com/100wa-spot-led-video-ligh...

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