Stryker Sneakers Lawsuit Helpline Launched

Class Action lawyer Network has launched a Sketcher Lawsuit Helpline. The helpline is moving ahead with a national campaign to locate all people injured by Sketcher sneakers.
Dec. 12, 2012 - PRLog -- When you think sneakers you usually think jogging, running, aerobics at the gym and general balance and stability. Sketchers had a different idea. They thought a magical sneaker that would offer a better body with very little effort. All you had to do was walk and wear their sneakers which would help you tone by creating a balance challenge. According to our rehabilitation counselor "Unfortunately many people were injured and many of them seniors who have balance issues to begin with""These sketcher toning sneakers created a balance challenge which, in theory, would make the wearer tone up by creating the need for the muscles to react to the challenge. "Unfortunately the brain muscle connection did not follow thru for many people"

"Sketcher claimed  a patented design which has a rolling bottom  that changes the way a person walks. The design utilizes different muscles in the body and firms them up. However people are suffering serious injury."

According to our rehabilitation counselor "Sketchers Shape-ups rounded sole design can cause a number of minor and severe foot injuries"" Injuries we have heard  so far include  falling Injuries, broken bones, broken or sprained ankles, broken hips from falls and pain or tightness in the heel, calf or Achilles’ tendon, stress fractures and hip dislocations." " We have even received calls for head injuries, concussions and and a broken nose".
"We are particularly concerned about injury to the elderly" Says the rehabilitation counselor with the helpline " Hip fracture is a serious injury for our seniors, taking months of rehabilitation and time away from friends and socialization". "Our research has come up with a injuries and lawsuits thru-out the internet". " There have been serious injuries".

   Rupture of blood vessels underneath the surface of the skin on the heel
   bone fracture of the heel bone
   irritation and inflammation of the bursa located between the heel bone and Achilles tendon
   compression of the tibial nerve as it travels through the tarsal tunnel
   Hip Fractures
   break in the boat shaped bone located mid-foot
   tear in the ligament underneath the arch of the foot
   Talus stress fracture
   broken ankle
   Peroneus brevis strain

Class Action Lawyer Network Has launched a national campaign to reach all people injured by these sketcher toning shoes. Call 1 877 522-2123 to be added to the lawsuits.

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