New Overtime Lawsuit Hotline Announced

Overtime Lawsuit Helpline has launced a new hotline for workers who think they have bee ripped off on overtime pay
By: Overtime Lawsuit Helpline
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - June 16, 2016 - PRLog -- Overtime Lawsuit Helpline has launched a new hotline for workers to find out if they have an overtime claim. This new service is in response to the increase the helpline has seen in overtime claims in the past few months. According to the helpline representatives, "More and more workers are being told they are exempt from overtime or their employer does not pay overtime, when in fact, they are due overtime pay. Many are actually not exempt from overtime pay; the employers are out and out thieves."

Overtime Lawsuit Helpline is a team of experienced and aggressive overtime lawyers who will fight for your rights to recover your unpaid overtime pay and unpaid wages. "Our unpaid overtime lawyers will pursue your overtime pay and unpaid wages claim for you and sue your employer to get you the wages that are rightfully yours."
Overtime Lawsuit Helpline makes it clear that the Fair Labor Standards Act states that employers must pay covered employees overtime pay of 1.5 times their regular hourly rate for all hours worked over 40 each week.
If your employer did not pay you your overtime, you may be able to get up to double your unpaid overtime dollars, going back up to three years and your attorneys' fees for filing your unpaid wages lawsuit.

They have bilingual representatives y Los abogados de reclamaciones por falta de pago de horas extras.

According to the helpline overtime lawyers, "100s of workers get their overtime pay shorted every day." They urge you not to let your employer rip you off and to contact them to get help. We are advised that employers rip off hard working people by getting you to work off of the clock or, sharing tips with non-tip employees, or classifying you as "exempt" when you should be "non-exempt."

They can help you file your Wage and Hour lawsuit and force your employer to comply with laws and policies pertaining to your overtime claim. Lawsuits are filed for an individual worker or for groups of workers. Overtime lawsuits have a statute of limitations.

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