No More ‘Stage Fright’ – FEARLESS Public Speaking!

So what are the “real secrets” to FEARLESS public speaking? Julian James - author of CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof! - shares some powerful insights on being FEARLESS before others!
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Dec. 1, 2012 - PRLog -- I've just finished another season of Late Night Magic – my West End Theatre Show – at the Jermyn Street Theatre, in Piccadilly.

Once again, every performance was just as joyful for me as it was for the lovely people that came along to experience it. There's nothing quite like LIVE THEATRE!

So what are the "real secrets" to FEARLESS public speaking?

What does it really take to stand in front of a group of people and communicate your ideas powerfully, compellingly and convincingly?

Isn't this what all performers truly want?

Isn't this what all public speakers want?

Isn't this something you'd like to have?

To be able to fully engage an audience. To flourish. To be at your very best. To allow the men and women seated in front of you to experience the fullest expression of your uniqueness!

I'm going to share with you a "secret".

It's a secret that will allow you to do just this – to stand before an audience and be your most authentic and powerful.

But this "secret" isn't what you think it is.

In fact, when your learn what this secret is, you'll realise that you've actually know it the entire time; yet, at some level, simply forgotten.

But first I want to tell you a story.

A few years back, I was performing at a different theatre, also in London. It was around thirty minutes before the show was about to begin, and people were walking in, and settling into their seats.

Although this show was predominantly designed for adults, on this particular evening, a man walked into the theatre with his very young son, and sat down in the front row.

This little boy must have been 3 years old, at the very most.

Within minutes, the boy had found his way to the steps at the front of the performing area and climbed up onto the stage. Standing there – before all of the men and women – he spread his arms our wide like a aeroplane and started spinning around. Around and around he went. And as he did, he made the sounds of a aeroplane flying through the sky. It was just as if he was playing, at home, in his living room.

Up on that stage, he seemed to be having the time of his life – not even paying attention to anyone else – just relishing the experience of his playful adventures … spinning around and around … make believing he was a jumbo jet, coursing through the clouds!

Everyone watching also seemed to be thoroughly entertained! The people smiled and laughed and genuinely enjoyed this rather unexpected "pre-show performance"!

After all, here was a 3-year-old boy whirling around on a theatre stage, before a group of people that would have made most adults shake, sweat and tremor at the mere though of doing the same!

This young boy had no fear. He had no "stage fright". He has no hesitation. He didn't have sweaty palms. He wasn't nervous. He was simply present to the fullest expression of being alive. Fully flourishing. Fully animated. Fully authentic.

The "secret" I'm taking about is what that young boy had, and expressed. It's also what you had when you were the same age. It's how we all were in the very early stages of our lives. It's the way we all were before we were sent off to school and entered in to what many people would describe as the "real world".

And what did our schooling do to us? It took that vital charismatic essence – that magical way of being that allowed us to be that fearless and that free – and, over the course of several years, BEAT IT OUT OF US and replaced it with FEAR and BLIND CONFORMITY! So by the time we entered into adulthood that way of operating became a mere and distant memory, if anything at all!

So the "secret" – the REAL SECRET to reclaiming our fearlessness – is to operate in the world in such a way that we become impervious to this conditioning. It's to live and breathe with that same confident carefree nature that is at the core of who we are – just like we were BEFORE the conditioning took its grip on us.

For many, though, escaping the chain-like confines of this conditioning – and returning back the their truest essence – is no easy task. And the reason is because the acculturation – the conditioning; the poisoning; the societal pressure – runs very deep. And the truth is that many will never reach the point of doing what it takes to escape. They'll always stay stuck, and terrified and inwardly contracted.

But when you make the impassioned decision do whatever it takes, magical things will await you in abundance. People will begin to respond to you very differently, and in ways that will charm and delight you. This is my promise to you. It will be no easy journey (which is why the process of MENTORING ( is so powerful) but it's the most powerful and transformative decision a person can make for their life.

In this way – embodying the energy of this truth within you – you can walk out in front of any audience and just "be" with them, without thinking that you need to do anything else other than simply be who you are completely!

Like this, there's nothing to fear. Like this, nothing stands in your way! Like this, you allow the emanation of your "being-ness" to be the fundamental power that sustains the dynamism of your presence before others.

And this has much less to do with "learning" anything, and much more to do with "un-learning" all of the things that have stood in the way of letting you be this way: all of the toxic ideas, beliefs and limitations that have kept you stuck, constricted and afraid!

You are so absolutely powerful that it would shock you to you realise just what you were truly capable of. You can either submit to the limitations the constructed world imposes upon you, or you can break free from these illusions and be powerful in the world.

This is what my work is all about. This is the work that I dedicate my life to.

Until next time.

Be Magical!

Julian James

Master Mentor for Fearless Confidence

P.S. If you are interested in exploring these ideas further – if you feel that what I'm sharing here resonates with you – make sure to get a copy of my book CONFIDENCE EXPLOSION: Destroy Your Fears & Explode Your Confidence Through the Roof! ( In my book, I discuss these ideas in much greater depth, and I think you'll be delighted with what I share with you.
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