Your 2013 New Years Resolutions Planning Guide

it’s almost that time of year when we have yet another opportunity to create new beginnings and re-write our life start dreaming about what you want your life to look like, for my annual New Years Resolutions Planning Guide.
New Year 2013
New Year 2013
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Nov. 28, 2012 - PRLog -- Yes, Thanksgiving is over, and it’s almost that time of year again when we begin anew and have yet another opportunity to create new beginnings and to re-write our life story. Oh, it's not for a few weeks, but this is the perfect time to start dreaming about what you want your life to look like, what you want it to FEEL like. It’s time for another installment of my annual New Years Resolutions Planning Guide, which has proven to be a popular way to help you design and implement your resolutions for greatest effectiveness and success.

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Crafting YOUR New Years Resolutions
A few guidelines to start with. I would like to give you permission to be selfish. YES you can be of service, and YES you can care about those who are suffering or have experienced loss. However, resolutions are about YOU, YOUR life and YOUR life story. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be of service, but you are the center of your universe – your life occurs from the inside out, not the outside in. Remember, you have to love yourself before you can love another, and you need to care for yourself before you can fully care for another.

I have organized our resolutions into the most common categories that people generally pull from.

Caring for Yourself– this category includes everything to do with your personal health and well-being.
Physical – Your body is your vessel for greatness in this life. Perhaps stop smoking, drink less alcohol, eat healthier foods, get more exercise, do some yoga, breathe more, get a facial – take care of your body. Quick tip: Don’t change your lifestyle for others, do it for yourself, which will increase your chance of success exponentially, and will feel much better as a result.
Emotional – Our emotions are the gauge, the barometer of our life and wellbeing. Do you want to be happier? Make better choices. Spend less time with negative people, let go of bad or abusive relationships, and spend more time with those who lift you up. More than anything – don't be so hard on yourself. As simplistic and cheesy as it sounds - just love yourself.
Mental – Yes there are proven ways to keep your mind sharper and more engaged. Try reading more, watching less television, learning a new skill or new language, keeping yourself mentally stimulated, and perhaps take a break from technology from time to time.
Spiritual – Find meaning in your life, discover your faith, enhance your intuition, and connect with others on a new and deeper level. Plan a trip to an exotic location, or reconnect with your spiritual community. Don't allow the chaos or drama in your life to overcome what truly matters.

Money & Debt – You might wonder how Money & Debt can fit in with caring for ourselves, but money seems to be a top resolution for most – generally having something to do with getting OUT of debt, which is an impossible resolution because it's based in the negative. That desire doesn’t live in inspiration or passion, it is a statement of fear. Financial Prosperity on the other hand is the basis for an impassioned existence – one based on the excitement of what is to come. If “prosperity” is on your list, make it one that excites and uplifts you.
Passion & Purpose – What are YOUR dreams? We have a tendency to mute our dreams over time as we deal with the trials and tribulations of life. Reignite your passion, rediscover your dreams, and make them a part of your every waking moment – and especially your resolutions for the year to come.
Service & Community – We aren’t alone, we are part of a greater community. Our meaning in life comes partly from the way we are of service to one another. There is no right or wrong way to be of service – simply discover your way to serve and make it an active part of your life.

Remember, your life is what you make of it. Nothing more, and nothing less. You are the captain of your ship – you are in charge of your life, your emotions, your physical well-being, your emotional health, and your spiritual connectedness. Choose wisely (but remember – you can ALWAYS change it).

Don’t bite off more than you can chew
A few parting notes: Remember, keep your goals achievable. Unless you are truly ready for a cataclysmic shift in the way you live your life - don’t assume that you are going to reasonably change decades of bad habits overnight.  Pace yourself, and know that you won’t succeed in every resolution – so make peace in advance. Remember, its not about the end result, its about the process, the road we take to get there.

Set yourself up for success
We set ourselves up for success by pacing ourselves and taking our lives on a moment-by-moment basis. We take control of our destiny by making commitments that we are capable of achieving in this moment. Understand what you control – and leave the rest to the universe. Know what you can achieve – and make it happen.

Don’t berate yourself
You may not succeed in your resolutions, and that is fine. Don’t beat yourself up – just give it your best shot. If you miss a few days, re-engage yourself and get back to it.

Enjoy the process
There is much to be grateful for in all of our lives. This is a special time to redefine what really matters in your life - appreciate the process. Enjoy the last few weeks of 2012!!!
Many blessings,
Source:Manual For Living - Seth David Chernoff
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