Motor Club Of America Platinum Compensation Plan Explained

The new Motor Club Of America "MCA" TVC Matrix compensation plan will help current and prospective MCA associates generate huge potential override bonus payments which may amount to thousands of dollars per month within the MCA Platinum package.
By: Motor Club Of America Platinum Team
Oct. 30, 2012 - PRLog -- The Motor Club Of America Platinum compensation plan exposed.

In our 3 x 8 Forced Matrix compensation plan each associate can only have 3 people wide or 1st level direct to them. The compensation chart that is in the Files Section Titled “A Hypothetical Example” For the Motor Club Of America (MCA) Platinum Benefits Package shows a hypothetical example if a person sponsored 3 and stopped and their person sponsored 3 and stopped and so on down 8 levels what would happen.

So you only have 3 on level 1, you have an huge incentive to sponsor as many as you wish beyond 3 however after the 1st three all others will fall somewhere below on levels 2 thru 8 depending on where the next available empty spot is, the software looks for the next available spot from left to right and fills that empty spot automatically, this is what creates spill over because the person above in the matrix already has 3 on their 1st level and anyone else has to go down further in his/her matrix.

It’s possible that a MAKE IT HAPPEN PERSON, falls under a WATCH IT HAPPEN PERSON who has not sponsored anyone yet and many memberships begin to fall under that person, and over enough time they could begin to receive up to $7572.11 monthly, because one of the “Benefits’ of the MCA Platinum Package is REWARDS DOLLARS, they are automatically placed into the matrix, so if someone falls under them from spillover that happens to builds a large team, they will start to receive large checks as well.

In order to make this happen please understand what’s “possible” and do not just sit and wait for spillover. Understand that the money in the matrix is guaranteed money, just like money in the bank, all they have to do is personally sponsor a minimum of 3 and teach them do the same and as that process duplicates down 8 levels they are guaranteed to earn a minimum of well over $1 million dollars per year, why do I say minimum, because a MAKE IT HAPPEN PERSON will not stop at 3, they will personally sponsor 10, 20, 50, 100, or more because they understand the 100 % generational matches on Generations 1 and 2.

Stay with me now because this is where a lot of people get lost, a generation is not the same as a level, everyone can only have 3 people on your 1st “LEVEL”. Now those 3 sponsor 3, so 3 x 3 = 9 on your 2nd level those 9 get 3, so 3 x 9 =27 on your 3rd level those 27 get 3, 3 x 27 = 81 on your 4th level and so on.

Remember you can have as many people as you wish that you personally sponsor which is your 1st “Generation” just like if you produced children your children would be your 1st “Generation” and their children would be your 2nd generation, the same is true here, whoever you personally sponsor is your 1st “generation no matter what “LEVEL” they fall on, and whoever they sponsor is their 1st Generation but your 2nd Generation. So watch this, you personally sponsor 10 instead of what the hypothetical chart suggest which is only 3, Now those people personally sponsor 10, so 10 x 10 = 100 people in your 2nd “Generation” you are now

Matching 100% on your 1st “Generation” of 10 but you are also matching 100% on those 100 people in your 2nd “Generation” WOW…. now do the math. 10 MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE THAT COMMITTED TO HELPING AT LEAST 10 OTHER MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE means that all of these people have a completely filled matrix over time earning them $7572.11 per month. Remember you have 10 people that you personally sponsored in YOUR 1st ‘GENERATION” and you match their Rewards Dollars 100%, so multiply $7572.11 x 10 = $75,721.10 per month, plus $7572.11 x 100 = 757,211.00 per month matching from your 100% 2nd generation match plus your own reward dollars of $7572.11 per month = a grand total of $840,504.21 per month per month.

Plus remember the Motor Club TVC MATRIX money is Bonus money you still received all of your advanced $80.00-$90.00 payouts every week along the way plus your residuals on levels 2-5 on the uni level pay structure that remains in place from before. I’m sure these numbers seem unrealistic to some of you, but if you will do your own independent research you will see this Business model (Network Marketing, MLM) whatever you want to call it has produced more Millionaires than any other industry on the planet. But do not take my word for it read on for yourself.

Most of those people were every day hard working people that just found out about a company early enough and took advantage of the timing, and you can too. So the choice is yours.

Get in the Motor Club of America Platinum TVC MCA Matrix and Watch what happens, or Get in the MATRIX AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. It’s up to you!

Please note: That The MATRIX for TVC MATRIX is not some new gimmick that the company just came up with, Unlike some of these “NEW COMPANIES’ that are popping up every day with a “MATRIX” and as yet to be proven business models or payouts. TVCMATRIX has been paying Matrix REWARD DOLLARS FOR YEARS to Its PRO DRIVER (TRUCK DRIVER) MEMBERS just not as huge of payouts because the PRO DRIVER BENEFITS PACKAGE COST more ($110.00) per month and you had to meet some qualifications to get the 100% matches in the truckers matrix, we do not have any qualifications to do so in the MCA MATRIX, all we need to do is have a membership and sponsor someone to match on, that’s it.

This is not hype folks that’s why the numbers put out by the company on the chart are so conservative ONLY 3 WHO GET 3 ha, that will never happen for somebody that understands the 100% match, I hope this helps.

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