The Top 3 Things Home Business Marketers Can Do to Succeed.

I was tired of not building my business. I was disappointed that I was not set up to be 100% committed to my business. Most of what I did know was outdated. And finally, I never knew what exactly to do next.
Oct. 13, 2012 - PRLog -- After joining several marketing or home based businesses if you would call it I was hurting. I had lost money, time, and this idea of freedom. The exact opposite of what all these opportunities had promised or hyped up.

Now, I’m not calling all these marketing businesses or sponsors liars nor am I trying to prove that their claims are false. I’m simply saying that I struggled and for many of the same reasons many other people struggled or are still struggling with their own current home business.

I've also written about the dangers marketing companies and sponsors alike can bring any home business using the financial and time freedom hype on my other release and on my blog at

Anyway, here are the top three things home business marketers can do to succeed:

1. They need 100% commitment.

As easy as many of these network marketing gurus made it seem, I had all the right reasons to believe financial and time freedom was really that simple to obtain. That when I told someone about the business they, along with their friends would come running out of the wood work wanting to know more and how to sign up. Boy was I WRONG!

In a way I set myself up for failure, not blaming my previous sponsors. I set myself up by not knowing how much of a commitment a person must make when working a legitimate home based business. I’m not talking about “get rich quick” schemes or “day by night” millionaires.

I’m talking about in order to work a legitimate home based business; where you keep 100% commissions; where you work your own mini office outlet, where your supplier is creditable and genuine; It takes work.

Unlike other online systems who suggest you can build from home while on autopilot, It’s important to understand that no system can ever replace the results of people presenting and building relationships with other people.

Relationships take work. You can’t automate building relationships. And building relationships and leaders is the corner stone of success in any legitimate network marketing company.

Back to what I was saying, out of the simplistic perspective I was not committing to building it as much as I should have been.

I was hesitant with advertising and creating a good budget to do so. At times I didn’t take advantage to share my business opportunity.  I didn’t hand out business cards like I should have been. I didn’t try to sell the products like my sponsors did. I didn’t stay motivated with conference calls. I didn’t speak to my sponsors or upline who were successful, and just many other things.

On top of all of that, many of those things along with the ones I was doing well were becoming more and more out dated.

That leads me to number 2.

2. Don’t use OUTDATED building strategies.

So why are the traditional methods now almost obsolete when just a few short years ago they worked incredibly well?

Unfortunately, the old hype of both financial and time freedom, by putting in years of sharing and forcing onto to people your business opportunity is long gone. The average person just doesn’t have the credibility or sheer animal like determination required to succeed with this strategy.

For example. When we look at the world we live in today we are forced to maintain a closed mind in our everyday life, because of spam, solicitors, door to door salesman, telemarketers, junk mail, unsolicited texts, and the alike.

Your future business builders are determined to put up walls in an attempt to avoid this constant barrage of pitching and selling. It’s gotten to a point to where our natural instincts can detect a sales person miles away.

I heard a successful network marketer put it like this, “The reason traditional methods of network marketing have been on the decline is due in large part to the fanatical encouragement of unqualified selling. The system teaches you to sell your opportunity or product to anyone with a pulse, and you know how that turns out!”

Now ask yourself, how are you supposed to sell to a stranger on something when their walls are stacked so high?

There had to be a better system. And not just any system, but a proven and closed loop system at reaching people and helping them become more successful through our business opportunities.  

That leads me to number 3.

3. Work with sponsors with a closed loop system.

Good marketing
companies or sponsors know that even if you’re a skilled recruiter, or “head hunter” as the industry likes to call it, you’re going to have a hard time duplicating any success, with new reps dropping out as fast as you can put them in.”

The problem is simply because there is no system.

For example, imagine someone telling you how great a particular resort destination is. They go on telling you that once you get there you’ll have all inclusive meals, free amenities, and time to do whatever you wanted. Sounds great right?

Well the problem is that resort destination is hundreds of miles away and you weren’t given a clue how to get there. Even if you were given just a car how hard would it still be without directions? The point is, without a system or a plan to guide you to this destination your chances of actually getting there are slim to none

Imagine how much more effective you would be and how much more fun you would have building your business when you’re able to take a prospect by the hand, and guide them down a clear path that educates them about your opportunity.

Imagine your prospects selling themselves and you don’t have to rely on pushy closing tactics to move them in your direction.

Imagine being able to build faster and grow an incredibly solid organization because you’ll have a far more educated and connected team that knows how to sponsor and teach!

The fact of the matter is, without an updated and complete sponsoring system and without fully committing, financial and time freedom are both old and outdated promises that give people in the home business world a false sense of reality.

This false sense of reality has been the biggest reason in recent years why more and more home based businesses fail.

Finally, learn about a home business opportunity with a closed loop system and no direct selling.

Visit my other releases or visit my website for more information:

~Ross Curington
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