Social Networking Is Dead; Long Live!

World Premiere: launched its sparkling new site today (Oct 1, 2012). e‑Deliberation™ has deployed a secure online network designed to support collaborative deliberation and resolve difficult issues.
Oct. 1, 2012 - PRLog -- If you want a beautiful birthday cake, you need to do more than just throw the ingredients into the oven. Social networks are like that – don’t expect more than some half-baked ideas and a pile-up of opinions.

But if you share the vision that the Internet can also be a meeting place where you can work with others to resolve important issues, you will want to check out the site, which is officially launched Monday, Oct. 1, 2012. Inc. is a Canadian company with head offices in Victoria and secure servers in Montreal. Established in 2010 by Jean-Daniel Cusin, a serial entrepreneur, the mission of e‑Deliberation is to bring the Internet experience to the next step: enable people globally to mutually connect, deliberate and collaboratively resolve issues that concern them.

e-Deliberation online events come in two versions: Free (public) and Premium (private).

For instance, community groups anywhere in the world can use it for free to deliberate about and resolve an issue they are concerned about.

Private e-Deliberation events are normally retained by organizations who wish to keep the event and its outcomes private or confidential. For instance, a corporation with offices across the country or internationally can convene a strategy-making e-Deliberation event to flesh out its 3 year plan.

The outcome of an e-Deliberation event is a multi-vectored, integrated strategy that comprehensively deals with the issue or challenge that was the focus of the event. This creates a critical mass of persons biased to actually see the strategy succeed.

The e-Deliberation process can accommodate between 15 and up to 80 participants for a given event. These participants work as a whole group as well as in smaller teams, with multiple feedback loops to ensure that no significant idea gets dropped. The process uses a consent-based approach so participants minority views have a chance to be considered.

Mr. Cusin’s vision for e-Deliberation™ is forward thinking - “The events of the past few years have highlighted that when governance systems, be they geo-political or corporate, are controlled by a very few people at the top who are expected to master everything, it’s a disaster. The world is too complex for that. Too many knowledge domains, too many stakeholders, jurisdictions, potential impacts… If we are to advance as a civilization, we need to leverage the Internet to solve big problems by assembling the right minds and helping them get the job done. That is what we are doing with e-Deliberation.”

The e-Deliberation site ( is now accessible globally for people to register and to organize e-Deliberation events for their community of interest.


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