A Clients Guide: 5 Crucial Points to Hiring a Developer Announced

StormGate's Woody Hayday writes an in depth guide stating his 5 most crucial points to successfully hiring a web developer to produce a website or web app. This particular article focuses on web app prototyping for first-time web entrepreneurs
5 Crucial Points to Hiring a Web Developer
5 Crucial Points to Hiring a Web Developer
July 25, 2012 - PRLog -- With more and more business moving on-line there is no surprise that web development is a growing industry, with more projects and platforms being realised every day it's also a fantastically diverse one; indeed the technology surrounding "building a website" has become far more sophisticated than it was when most of the internet's users started out surfing the world wide web but a lot of the assumptions remain. Woody goes into detail on five key points to guide you through your first web developer hire.

Here's a short excerpt from the blog post:
"Developer-client relationships go wrong. It’s a fact. Developers that weren’t up to the job, projects that get abandoned, whole web-apps get written that never get used. Hopefully you haven’t experienced this yourself; if you have I am sure that there were some deep lessons learnt from the experience."

As part of a series of blog posts aimed at helping customers of web development prototypes get solid work from their initial principle, Woody states the following 5 points as "integral to a successful web development project":

1. Have a clear vision
2. Developers will
3. Validate developers and test them
4. Clients will
5. The three crucial documents

The boundaries of entry for web development have shrunk along with the western perception of it as a "technologically heavy industry", more and more business people without web skills are forging ahead with ideas for websites and apps. This is perhaps a sign of the democratisation of the internet from a technologists-only zone into a public space, it is however certain that real businesses are being created on-line by "first time" web entrepreneurs, often bricks-and-mortar business owners who are investing in building on-line businesses.

This blog post, 5 Crucial Points to Hiring a Developer highlights this new wave of "first time" web entrepreneurs, its focus remains around helping non-technical clients achieve technical results through clever communication with experienced web developers.

Woody Hayday is StormGate Ltd's CTO and lead developer; he consults, develops for clients and manages internal projects. You can read the rest of his article on the 5 Crucial Points of Hiring a Web Developer here: http://www.stormgate.co.uk/blog/2012/5-crucial-points-to-hiring-a-developer/

About StormGate Ltd.

StormGate is a web prototyping company based in England. They develop custom web applications and web sites for clients and internally. Their projects are as diverse as to range from WordPress plugin's to total social music platforms. Specialists in rapid application development, prototyping and multi-site integration they offer development and project support for first time web entrepreneurs and on-going development for veteran on-line businesses.


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