Bakersfield Businesses Gain Competitive Advantage

Select businesses in the Bakersfield area will now have a distinct advantage when it comes to marketing and growing their businesses.
July 11, 2012 - PRLog -- Bakersfield, CA - Select businesses in the Bakersfield area will now have a distinct advantage when it comes to marketing and growing their businesses. TopLine Business Solutions announced today that Bakersfield resident, Angel F Perez, has been certified as a Marketing and Business Development Consultant, and has opened an office in Bakersfield.  

Focusing on the local small and medium size business market, Perez brings the resources of more than 1200 marketing and business growth experts from around the world to help business owners in Bakersfield operate their businesses more profitably.

“Because competition for customers is so great and profit dollars are so scarce,” says Martin Howey, CEO of TopLine, “business owners everywhere are scrambling just to keep their heads above water. Many businesses that started out as a long-held dream for financial independence for their owners have turned into little more than hard working, low paying jobs with very little time off. Once word gets out about the results our consultants get for their clients, their available time is booked solid in a matter of weeks.”

“The proprietary systems and methodologies we use assist business owners in building their businesses and recapturing the dreams they had when they first started their businesses, by helping them grow their bottom line profits. Our systems answer the biggest problems facing businesses today,” says Perez, “by providing powerful, proven, and cutting-edge solutions, strategies, and systems that get our clients all the customers and sales they can handle, and the owners of the businesses more personal income and the time to enjoy it.”

“From our experience,” Perez continues, “a massive 92% of business owners complain of four major problems; they don’t have enough customers, orders or sales; their profit margins are being squeezed; they feel that they have too much competition; and they aren’t getting the rewards they want for the time and financial resources they’re investing in their businesses.”

With today’s business climate so competitive, customers more educated and knowledgeable than ever before, and so many options for their customers to choose from, businesses have to work overtime just to maintain their customer base, and that creates an ever-growing need for the services TopLine consultants provide.

Becoming a TopLine client isn’t easy. Because a consultant can only work with a limited number of clients at a time, only those business owners who are committed to devoting the necessary time and resources to the development and improvement of their bottom line profits are considered.

For more information, contact Angel Perez at (661)368-1454.

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