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Is SpyBubble a scam? Is Spbubble another one of those Internet Rip Offs? A Mobile Spy Hoax? Here are six solid reasons why "Spybubble is a scam". is page was created to address some of the recent online attacks which claim that SpyBubble is a scam.
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June 16, 2012 - PRLog -- Is SpyBubble a scam? Is Spbubble another one of those Internet Rip Offs? A Mobile Spy Hoax?

I see this question asked around the internet time and time again. Guess that is a compliment to Spybubble because anytime someone asks if Spybubble is a scam what they are really saying is "Spybubble seems too good to be true - I refuse to believe Spybubble can be real for fear of being ripped of, disapponted, and made a fool of."

At first, it might seem like Spybubble is a scam or rip off for a number of reasons. This web site was created to address and discuss some of the recent online attacks which claim that SpyBubble is a scam.

A few additional Spybubble sites to look at include: ~ Addresses this very issue in depth. ~ In in depth not so negative look at Spybubble. ~ In case you believe!

I've found a few reasons why people seem to most commonly claim SpyBubble is a scam online. There are many passionate blog posts, forum posts and hastily made web sites which claim that SpyBubble is a scam, and I decided to look at them in order to gauge them for legitimacy. Users seem to claim that SpyBubble is a scam for mostly the following reasons.

{1: Lack of Research}
One of the reasons people seem to claim SpyBubble is a scam is because they attempt to use SpyBubble without checking to see whether it works on the Smart Phone they want it to. You CAN NOT install Spybubble to ANY old cell phone. It must be compatible. On Spybubble web site (see above) there is a page listing all compatible phones. SpyBubble works on a wide range of Smart Phones, and it is working on. Many of the complaints which claim SpyBubble is a scam seem to come from users who didn't follow directions installing it.

{2: Not Realizing Spybubble Must Be Installed to Their Phone}
The only way to get around this inevitable is use of Cell Control spy which is a special phone spy app for this condition. If you can't get a hold of the target cell phone one time for five minutes to install Spybubble then you can't use Spybubble.

{3: Dissatisfied/Confused by Service}
Other users who claim SpyBubble is a scam seem dissatisfied with SpyBubble's service, but haven't used the proper channels to have their complaints resolved. From what many people write on the internet, they seem to give up trying to use the program, even though SpyBubble does offer technical support. Impatience is one of the biggest reasons for anything being reported as a scam online (would you believe I typed in Google "Mcdonalds scam" and there are actually people reporting Mcdonalds as a scam?? Many users are too frustrated to attempt to contact tech support, and simply angrily declare SpyBubble to be a scam without trying to make the program work. The reality is these people lack the follow through to make much of anything work in their life.

{4: Expect instant results from Tech Support}
People have always had trouble with online Tech Support, and SpyBubble is no different. Working with Tech Support to resolve technical difficulties requires patience and communication. Many frustrated users don't seem to have this patience or communication, so they take to the internet and complain about SpyBubble's program with little to no interaction with Spybubble's Tech Support. Spybubble replies to all technical support requests within 24 hours. If you can't wait 24 hrs then when you purchase Spybubble also get the priority technical support which is $10 and any questions or support issues you have will be addressed within a few hours at most.

{5: Don't know how to request refunds}
Similar to this, many users who seem to claim that SpyBubble is a scam have had trouble getting a refund. Having trouble with the service and demanding a refund is reasonable, but you have to do it through the proper channels in order to actually receive the refund. From what I've read, many people have reported sending angry e-mails to SpyBubble's web site demanding a refund, even though the people who answer SpyBubble's e-mails do not handle subscription in any way, shape, or form. In order to properly get a refund from SpyBubble, the user has to contact Plimus which is CLEARLY indicated on the welcome email sent by immediately after you have purchased Spybubble cell spy. handles the sales and refunds of SpyBubble.' Spybubble purposely has a third party middleman handle sales, payments, and refunds simple because Spybubble cares about having monetary issues regarding their mobile phone product handled by a professional at handling financial affairs - which itself is proof Spybubble is NOT a scam.

{6: User's don't know how to Jailbreak Smart Phones}
I think this might be the most prevalent reason that people think SpyBubble is a scam. The targeted Smart Phone has to be jailbroken in order to work. Users should expect this, because Smart Phone companies do not allow many applications to be installed on their smart phones which they do not directly profit from. Because many people jailbreak their iphones to have a freedom of choice in terms of what applications they install on their Smart Phones, many users simply expect that all Smart Phones can install any application they want. Even though jailbreaking a smart phone is easy, many users take it for granted. Jailbreaking, the easy way, is choosing the right Apple jailbreaking software service called Apple Iphone Unlocker at  This service costs $29 for lifetime membership which allows you to jailbreak and unlocker ANY Apple product. There area many reasons you want to jailbreak your Iphone besides just installing Spybubble to it. If you own any Apple product (Iphone or Ipad) the very first thing you should do is jailbreak it.

All in all, SpyBubble is not a scam. However, this does not mean you should not be careful. Investigating whether SpyBubble is a scam is important, because there is a lot of dangerous technology out there which does not do what it claims to. You have to be careful about what you want SpyBubble to do. So being careful with your money is a fantastic thing. Being misinformed because of lack of information will only cheat you out of the good things in life. Most people want to use Spybubble spy because of a suspected cheating spouse or a misbehaving kid. Are you one of these two people. You should know there are two versions of Spybubble spy. There is Spybubble Basic which is $49 and gives you 7 fantastic spy features including the ability to spy on their cell phone calls, text messages, emails, websites visited with their cell phones browser, cell phone contact list, and location tracking and maping of their cell phones location (thus tracking their location)  Spybubble PRO is $89 and has all of the above spy features plus the ability to silently intercept and listen to live cell phone conversations they are having, send a Spybubble SMS command to turn their cell phones microphone on making it a room spy bugging device, SMS forwarding which sends an exact copy of every text message to your cell phone in real time, remote photo capture with their cell phone, remote video capture (up to five minutes) with their cell phone, Blackberry BBM messenger spy, and Whatsapp messenger spy (for all smart phones)

If you have done your research you already know that is a HECK OF A LOT of spy features for SOOOO little money. If you have not done your Spybubble research then get busy.

Happy Spying!
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