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SPYBUBBLE PRO REVIEW - What is Spybubble PRO? Spybubble PRO is a smart phone spy app you can install to someones cell phone to completely covertly monitor their smart and see everything and anything they do with their cell phone....
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June 12, 2012 - PRLog -- SPYBUBBLE PRO REVIEW What is Spybubble PRO?

Spybubble PRO is a smart phone spy app you can install to someones cell phone to completely covertly monitor their smart and see everything and anything they do with their cell phone.

Spybubble Spy is a two part mobile phone spying program.

# The actual smart phone app, Spybubble PRO, that sits invisibly on the target phone. Any time the smart phone owner communicates in any manner with their cell phone the Spybubble PRO app silently sends information about the communication to part two of Spybubble PRO.

# Your Spybubble PRO Spy members area. This is a web site you can log into any time of the day or night to view details of the target smart phone that have been reported by the Spybubble PRO spy application.

Here is more info about Spybubble PRO http://www.spybubblespy.info/spybubbleprospyplan/

Here is more info about Spybubble BASIC http://www.spybubblespy.info/spybubblebasicspyplan/


The most amazing thing about Spybubble spy is the giant number of things the Spybubble PRO app spies on. Originally Spybubble had 7 spy features. The spy app was simply called Spybubble. Spybubble PRO is the most recent update to Spybubble. Spybubble PRO added an additional 9 high powered spy features for a total now of 16 spy features.

The orginal 7 Spy features are now referred to as the Spybubble BASIC spy package. All of the spy features of Spybubble BASIC are included in Spybubble PRO.


# Call Spying: Get an overview of every call made by the targeted Smart Phone. Know when each call took place, whether it was incoming or outgoing, and know the duration of each call!

# SMS Spying: SpyBubble Basic allows you to track the time, date and content of each text message sent or received by the targeted Smart Phone.

# Phone Book Spying: SpyBubble BASIC makes you privy to all of the phonebook information contained in the memory of the targeted Smart Phone.

# GPS Location Spying: SpyBubble BASIC pinpoints the exact latitude and longitude of the targeted Smart Phone at set intervals, alerting your SpyBubble account to changes in geographical positioning. To make this feature even more efficient, SpyBubble's GPS Location Tracking feature provides a connection to Google Map's imaging feature.

# E-mail Spying: SpyBubble BASIC lets you know the date of outgoing and recipient e-mails, as well as the content. All pertinent e-mail information to or from the targeted Smart Phone is sent to your SpyBubble control panel, so you can access it whenever you like.

# Photo Spying: SpyBubble BASIC puts you in control of the targeted Smart Phones photo gallery. When SpyBubble is activated on the targeted Smart Phone, all of its digital photo content will be uploaded to your SpyBubble account, allowing you to not only view the content of each picture but also the various details attached to the picture itself. Even if the Smart Phone Viewer deletes the digital photos from their collection.

# Url Spying: Any web sites visited with the target smart phones web browser you can see in your Spybubble members area. You can see the url or web address of each site visited and the time.

The Spybubble BASIC spy package with all of the above 7 spying features costs just $49 for an entire year. You can install the Spybubble app to as many different cell phones as you wish or just one. When you log in to your Spybubble members area you will be able to see all of the spy details indicated above.


Spybubble PRO has all of the 7 spy features above PLUS the following 9 additional mobile phone spy capabilites.

# LIVE Call Spying: Indicate any number and SpyBubble will alert you when the targeted Phone has begun a call with that number! Listen in on any conversation that the targeted Smart Phone happens to be involved in.

# Environment Audio Spy Bugging: Secretly turns the targeted Smart Phone into a microphone connected directly to your Smart Phone. If anything audible is going on within the proximinity of the targeted Smart Phone's mic, you'll be able to hear it loud and clear without anyone knowing that they're being listened to!

# Environment Bugging Recording: An extension of SpyBubble's advanced Environment Listening feature. As if turning the targeted Smart Phone into a microphone wasn't enough, this feature actually captures and stores the audio onto your SpyBubble account!

# Text Message Forwarding: If the targeted smart phone doesn't have 24/7 Internet Access, or even has no internet connection, SMS Forwarding will have the targeted Smart Phone text.

# Remote Control of Cell Phone - Once the targeted Smart Phone has had the SpyBubble software installed, you can use SMS commands to alter the manipulation from your own cell phone!

# Live Picture Capture: With SpyBubble Pro, you can send an SMS command to the targeted Smart Phone and it will activate its camera and take a snap shot. Whatever that image captures will be uploaded to the control panel of your SpyBubble account.

# Live Video Capture: If picture's aren't good enough, SpyBubble Pro members can also implement the Live Video feature, which activates the targeted Smart Phone's video camera and then stores up to five full minutes of what is recorded directly inside of your SpyBubble account's control panel!

# Whatsapp Messenger Tracking: (For iPhones and Androids only) - Monitors, tracks and stores all conversations which take place on the targeted iPhone or Android's Whatsapp application!

# BBM Messenger Tracking: (For Blackberry Mobile Devices only) Logs every interaction made on the targeted Blackberry using Blackberry Messenger!

The most amazing thing about Spybubble PRO is the incredible price of $89!! That is all 16 spying features for just $89. And if that were not enough....


Worried spybubble is a scam? Sounds too good to be true? Spybubble BASIC and Spybubble PRO both come with an unlimited 30 day money back guarantee.


The one catch or downside to Spybubble is it does not work on all cell phones. Spybubble works with most smart phones less than 5 years old. Spybubble can be installed on...

IPhones - iphone must be jailbroken first with Iphone jailbreaking software such as http://www.appleiphone-unlocker.com

# Android # Windows Mobile # Symbian/Nokia # Blackberry

Every mobile Spybubble is compatibl with http://www.spybubblespy.info/spybubblecompatiblecellphones/

If you're concerned you won't be able to figure out how to use Spybubble - Spybubble comes with full technical support. It is extremely easy to install Spybubble to the phone. I personally did it with an HTC EVO in 90 seconds flat.

Installing Spybubble is a simple matter of using the cell phones web browser to navigate to the web address of the Spybubble app. The web address is given to you by the Spybubble company immediately after ordering as well as links showing videos of the exact install process.


# If you are any of the following then Spybubble spy is ideal for you...

# You are in a relationship and you think your spouse or partner may be cheating? Spybubble spy is the fastest and easiest way to catch a cheating spouse. If this is your situation there is a fantastic and 100% free ebook called 15 ways to catch a cheating spouse. Lots of good tips in there besides cell spy app. There is also a 100% PC spy on that page as well ;)

# You are a parent and you are concerned about what your son or daughter is doing with their cell phone and who they are communicating with. Nowadays pretty much all kids have cell phones and being able to monitor their cell phone usage and activities is a critical aspect of being a good and informed parent.

# You have employees under you and you want to monitor their worktime activites.
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