How to choose fine marble for your home decor

As we know, natural marble can bring beautiful decoration for home and any other architecture, but how to choose good marble for home decor? Have a look some tips as following:
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May 20, 2012 - PRLog -- 1) determine tonal pattern
In a good light conditions, will have chosen good plank and with a group of other want a choose and buy of marble and flat on the ground, and stood in the distance they 1.5 m in visual carefully. With a group of marble requirements of the basic pattern should be mixed.

(2) the surface defect inspection
In a good light conditions, will plank flat on the ground, and stood in the distance the marble plate in 1 m observation invisible defects that no defect; Standing in several visible from the plank in 1.5 and 1 m place not clear the significant flaws in no obvious defects; Standing in the plank 1.5 m place obvious defects of defective see that.

The defects of concrete observe a plank warping; Plate surface have crack, sand holes, different spots, stains and cave phenomenon exists. If the judge the following kinds defects is for no plank classy article, at the same time, not to have short of edges positive plank drop horn defect; If the above defects not clear show also have no obvious lack of edges off Angle, so can maintain the plate for first class; If there is that a few defects but not affected use, and positive only 1 m director of board is not more than 8 mm, width is not more than 3 mm long, wide or lack of edges are not more than 3 mm drops horn, then can judge the plate for qualified products.

Plank in the transportation, loading and unloading process touch bad, can undertake bond (on the broken plate) or repair (on the edges of the surface defect, there is certainly some pits or hemp dot). But felt, repaired positive does not allow to have the trace evidence, color should be and positive close to design and color.

(3) to examine mark
Marble mark order: name, classification, size, grade, standard
Marble named order: waste material origin place names, decorative pattern is tonal characteristics name, marble (code M).

Marble is divided into two categories: general plate type (code N); For a square or rectangular plate; Alien sheet (code S); For other shapes of the plank. The marble plate has three levels; Classy article (code name for A); Grade a (code for B) and product (code named C). According to rank is plank is size deviation, flatness allow limit tolerance, Angle allow limit tolerance, the appearance quality and mirror surface gloss. For example Beijing fang shan magmatic with white marble laid waste of material production at type size: 600 * 400 * 200 mm of grade a plate of named: fang shan magmatic white marble marble, marked: fang shan magmatic white marble (M) N600 * 400 * 200 BJC79 marble in the factory should be marked: production factory name, trademark, mark. So through the check mark, can the general appearance of plate quality understand somewhat. There are some different style stone carvings in natural marble for reference:
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