Production Line Monitoring System For Modern Industry

At its core, a production line monitoring system facilitates the need to remotely monitor what is happening on a factory floor and whether the lines are running, running slowly or stopped.
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March 20, 2012 - PRLog -- In any manufacturing industry, investment on machinery is significant.  

To ensure accurate operations in modern industry the implementation of a Production Line Monitoring System allows operators to communicate production parameters to a central system; to record those parameters and use them for generating reports for better managing facilities.

At its core, a production line monitoring system facilitates the need to remotely monitor what is happening on a factory floor and whether the lines are running, running slowly or stopped. Real time monitoring enables supervisors to see at a glance the status of the factory and what might need addressing. This is backed by a number of reports which breakdown and analyse the data captured and then present the information in a simple and straight forward manner allowing managers to take quick and targeted actions.

In essence a production line monitoring system contains two elements.

1. A unit is attached to the machine to monitor inputs and outputs. This unit then communicates this data to the server which records the information in a database. This unit also incorporate a bar code scanner for the operators to use, enabling them to scan standards into the system.

2. The web based application which has the reports and status screen on it.

Information Screen from Production Line Monitoring System

The status screen serves as an instant view of the status of all lines in the factory. The status can easily be seen from the colour of the box. Typically, Red means that the lines has stopped, Amber signifies that the line is running slowly and Green means that it is running within expected speeds.

Information Acquired:

- Line: A unique name to identify the line
- Work order: this would be the work order the user has scanned the bar code of
- Operator: current operator of the line
- Part Number: the unique reference of the object being made, which is derived from the work order
- Part description: A description of the part being made
- Line Status: A description of the current status of the line
- Last Sop Reason: This will show the allocated reason code for the last time the line stopped
- Target Cycle: this is the number of seconds each cycle of the line is expected to take in seconds
- Average cycle: The number of units to be made for this work order
- Units Made: Current number of units already made
- Auto/Manual: Whether the line is running normally or whether it is in manual override mode
- Estimated Complete: The Time this work order is expected to complete based on target units, units made and average cycle time
- Last Updated: The last time that data was received from the unit for that line
Message: At Certain times messages can be displayed according to the status of the line.

Benefits of A Production Line Monitoring System

Helps maintain the quality of a manufactured product by recording the rejected quantity. The production line monitoring system captures a machines status in real time from production units. The information about machine down is made available to the operator through audio visual alarms.

- Reduce the rejection of finished products
- Increase machine efficiency
- Optimise Uptime / Minimize Downtime

A Production Line Monitoring System is a complete solution of maintaining the quality of a product and the effective use of a machines time. A Production Line Monitoring System provides accurate and timely information on the real causes of downtime to optimise factory output.

The production line monitoring system frees up operators to do more value added work and production target initiatives to improve overall factory/ production performance.

If you wish to have a production line monitoring system developed in your factory, contact us on 0345 00 00 400 and we can design and implement the right monitoring solution for your company.

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