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Shoulder pain is a symptom rather than a condition in itself. Shoulder disorders are the most common causes of shoulder pain.
Feb. 11, 2012 - PRLog -- Shoulder pain is a symptom rather than a condition in itself. Shoulder disorders are the most common causes of shoulder pain.
Shoulder disorders
Examples of shoulder disorders include:
•   frozen shoulder – a painful condition that reduces normal movement in the joint and can sometimes prevent movement in the shoulder altogether
•   rotator cuff disorders – the rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint and help to keep it stable
•   shoulder instability – where the shoulder is unstable and has an unusually large range of movement (hypermobility)
•   acromioclavicular joint disorders – conditions that affect the acromioclavicular joint, which is the joint at the top of the shoulder
How common are shoulder disorders?
Shoulder disorders are fairly common. About 3 in 10 adults are affected by these types of conditions at any one time.
Frozen shoulder and rotator cuff disorders are most common in middle-aged and older people. Shoulder instability and acromioclavicular joint disorders tend to affect younger people, particularly men who play certain sports. For example:
•   sports that involve repetitive shoulder movements, such as overarm bowling or throwing
•   contact sports, such as rugby, where you may injure or fall on your shoulder
Shoulder pain can be a long-term problem. Up to half of people still have symptoms after 18 months. It is therefore important to obtain the correct diagnosis so that you can receive effective treatment for your symptoms.
Several treatment options are available for shoulder pain. They include:
•   painkillers – such a paracetamol  
•   physiotherapy – where physical methods, such as massage and manipulation, are used to promote healing
•   injections of corticosteroids – corticosteroids are a type of medication that contain hormones
•   surgery (in some cases)
See Shoulder pain - treatment for more information about the different treatment options. In most cases, shoulder disorders improve over time if the relevant treatment advice is followed.
Alternative causes

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the joints and causes damage to the cartilage and mild swelling of the tissues around the joints (synovitis). Cartilage is a tough, flexible tissue that lines the ends of bones and allows the joints to move easily.

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint, but it mostly occurs in the knees, hips and the small joints of the hands. It can also affect the:
•   acromioclavicular joint – the joint at the top of the shoulder (acromioclavicular osteoarthritis)
•   glenohumeral joint – the main ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder (glenohumeral osteoarthritis)
Shoulder pain can also be caused by a broken bone (fracture) – for example, a fracture of the humerus (upper arm bone) or collar bone.
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