White Sundresses For Juniors - Beautiful Selection at Discount Prices

If you've been looking for white sundresses for juniors, well, so have I! I've found a huge selection and I wanted to write about it here so it got some publicity.
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Jan. 6, 2012 - PRLog -- What is the perfect thing for your girl to wear this summer? A white sundress gives a crisp clean look. If your teen is not good at keeping herself out of the mud yet then white might not be the best color but most teens are over rough housing and playing by this age. The white color will emphasize the beauty that is summer. It is not just for parties or formal occasions. White sundresses are great for for the beach or a picnic with friends.

Click to shop: http://li5e.com/white-sundresses-for-juniors/

So, why are they so hard to find? Usually you can find dresses that are good enough in the women's department, but you are looking for something a little more youthful. That's why I'm so excited that I found a site that has a great selection and their own section completely devoted to white sundresses for juniors. Some of the dresses in their special store are white as snow. Others have an ivory or cream tint. They all have that summery look. Others still are white with either bold or subdued floral prints.

When shopping for these dresses, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, the structure of the fabric is very important. Fabric that is too thin will be see through in the sun. If it gets wet it will become instantly transparent. A little thicker fabric will protect against this. However, if the fabric is too thick it will take away from the sundress look. You want it to be light and airy, just not too light and airy.

The length of the dress is something to consider. It really depends on what you want to use the dress for. If your girl wants to wear it as a cover up at the beach than it is perfectly fine for it to land high on the thigh. She will still be relatively modest compared to all the girls in string bikinis. However if she wants to wear it as an every day garment you want the hemline to be closer to the knee. A full length dress is lots of fun but beware of her looking too formal. Your daughter is too young to look like a bride.

Do you want the white sundress to be patterned? A patterned sundress can have the same summery feel of a plain white one. Some floral prints are a little to loud to still be in the white sundress genre. Others have a partial print or an embroidery that does not change the essence of the dress.

Strapless sundresses are a cute look but there are a number of things to be wary of. First, does the dress have built in support for the chest. If not, then you also need to look at strapless bras. This depends on how developed your teen is though. For many teens a simple halter top will be all that is needed and others need much more support. Spagetti straps are super trendy and cute. Your teen won't have a problem wearing them. A dress with short sleeves will be nearly impossible to find but there are a few in the li5e.com shop. These are difficult to find in general because such modesty is not popular. If you are determined to find one for your girl be diligent about it. The link at the top of this release should have some options for you.

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