Self Help and Self Improvement and Why it doesn't Work

A billion dollar industry and growing but does it help create personal improvement and does it really work?
Dec. 12, 2011 - PRLog -- The world of self help, improvement and mind, body and spirit is growing steadily and has been for several years with new books, dvds, cds and new speakers adding to the list of possible vehicles which offer personal development and inspiration for the individual goal seeker or business.
From impressive household names and luminaries such as Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield both extremely successful Authors and Speakers, to little known Coaches and Workshop organisers in almost every Country on the planet it seems that Personal Development in its many forms has caught our imagination and is here to stay. But does it work?
Allan Wilson of Success365 an Author, Speaker and Coach himself says "In the main it does work, the principles and techniques are timeless and universal but the problem lies in the application"
Wilson has spent over 10 years studying the best and most successful people in life and business and getting to know how they do it. He has successfully applied many of the techniques to his life with the most incredible results. This he assures me did not happen overnight. It took many years of trial and effort with various techniques and tools, it was an experiential journey with many lessons learned along the way. What works for one may not for another.
Wilsons personal odyssey began because he had become trapped in a life that he loathed, he was despairing and couldn't find his way back on track, business failure after failure and no signs of any hope for the future. Fortuitously he decided to seek help and guidance, and despite his negative outlook he was certain that people had basically the same gifts and believed that if one person could have great relationships, perfect health, prospering business and a fulfilling personal life then almost anyone with a free will could emulate those successes.
"I was going nowhere and getting angrier at my lack of results in my business life which was impacting terribly on my personal life and relationships with the added stress and anxiety having a detrimental effect on my health, I was a wreck" said Wilson.
"I was fortunate that I recognised I needed help and guidance. Many people stay with problems their whole lives never fully realising they can make improvements".
He made plans to attend a Motivation and Personal Development Seminar in his hometown of Glasgow and that was when it all started to change. He began to read extensively on the subjects of self improvement, motivation, mindset and the laws of success and what he refers to as his "magnificent obsession" (N. Hill and W.Clement Stone). He reckons that his early attempts at changing his life for the better and reaching for his dreams was pretty dismal. He changed businesses again and moved home, he lost all his money in ventures that had very little chance of success and invariably the doubts crept in and he was beginning to relinquish the long held belief that anyone could do it.
"This is when the vast majority of people let go, they don't see results quick enough or they make a few mistakes along the way and they consider it as failure and throw in the towel. So, as you can see on this occassion it would be easy to say it doesn't work" Wilson said.
"The trouble with this is they're not giving the new mindset a chance to look at life with different eyes, the opportunity to view things from a new space and let the new paradigm grow. I have seen people create enormous change in short periods but for the majority it takes time and mental effort and most are too impatient for results so they conlude that they've failed and don't have what it takes or the processes and principles are nonsense and just don't work".
Wilson declares it is not the principles that don't work it's the failed application and reluctance to find what works best for the individual that brings poor results. He seems to be very sure and having just published his first book "The Quick and Tiny Guide to a Great Big Life; Embracing The Law of Repetitive Contemplation" available from Amazon (kindle), Wilson bursts with passion on his subject declaring the subtitle his secret to success.
"Many people fail because they quit too soon according to C.E Welch" said Wilson, "Embracing The Law of Repetitive Contemplation means staying the course over long periods of time, showing mental resilience and tenacity in the face of set backs and powering your mind with constant reminders of what you do want and not what you don't"
There are countless obstacles on the road less travelled according to Wilson, and many of them are subtle external influences from friends and family as well as internal subconscious saboteurs which he has experienced first hand and eventually overcome.
"The book is a culmination of my experiences and lessons learned while changing and improving my life. It wasn't all plain sailing and I'd avoid most of the challenges if I was ever to repeat, so my aim is to help others avoid the same pitfalls while providing the mental armoury and resources necessary to ensure it works"
One thing is certain Wilson is clearly passionate about his vision and talks from a place of first hand experience, of putting personal power and success principles to the test under demanding circumstances while feeling failure and rejection and taking the wrong turns necessary to establish the truth of what doesn't work on the road to finding what does.

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