Through The Eyes Of A Child

Looking Through The Lens Of A Child Conscious Music Entertainment Owner Milliea McKinney Brings Awareness And A Plea For Parents To Clean Up Their Act For Our Kids With The Support Of Some Music ICONS She Is Ready To Bring The Final Warning...
Sept. 20, 2011 - PRLog -- Have you ever wondered what a child thinks about ponders on or, fantasizes?  Especially into day's world when music is all around and, generating some pretty powerful messages that are not all very positive at all. In reflection growing up I recall watching Elvis Presley. The King Of Rock And Roll, on the Ed Sullivan Show and, his now trade mark wiggle was not so popular than. In fact, it was looked down on as vulgar, impressionable to the teens that idolized him, and they refused to show his performance from the waist down. Today, I wonder if Elvis would be so popular if his success would have been so great. In comparison to the music streaming the airwaves today screeching violence,drugs,and sex to our youth. Where as a society, have we gone wrong, when did we lose our communication with our kids? As a parent of two fully grown sons, I now realize how truly blessed I am, had it not been for the foundation my military father conditioned me for I wonder what they would have become. My point being our kids learn the rules of morals and values through us the parent. It is our responsibility to teach them right. When we fail our children we fail ourselves and, society. And most importantly our world because, when volumes of failures exist we get social issues that now become our problem and, organizations such as mine, Pat Melfi's Muzart Foundation and so many others have to take on the challenge and, bring the awareness to the fore front or, people just continue to ignore the issue completely. So I now wonder what do our children really think about in today's world. When so many questionable events are all around them, and, music is so violent and discouraging screaming negative language and sending messages of contempt. Our children are not the blame for the crime rate, the drug addiction, the alcoholism, the teen pregnancy, the violence, the rage, the runaways, We Are!   yeah, we are... we have failed our children we have failed ourselves, and we have failed society and, our world. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand, we can no longer afford to turn our heads the other way even though we may struggle, fight, get migraines,cry or feel any other emotion, of inconvenience it is our responsibility to make our involvement with our child count for something. Our children were once perfect in form when God blessed us with their birth. We have allowed the ugly negative forces filter into their lives. Peer pressure, music, and, to much freedom always leads to trouble. But you are not alone believe it or not you are not the only parent going through the madness. That is why I have committed myself, to do what I can do instead of being apart of the problem, I have chosen to be apart of the solution mentoring the kids that will allow me to get them back on track and, through my company Conscious Music Entertainment I offer hope with the support of Pat Melfi, and his each One Teach One Program, Lewis Marklin Mash, and Icon News, and great humanitarians such as those that work in the social media Audra Nay, and Elizabeth Cobb. and, so many more who care enough to make a difference donating their time and their efforts to make change possible. If you are a parent and, you feel overwhelmed, and, need support we are hear to render help through music we mentor children world wide that they hold the key to the future and its up to them to pass the torch of life to our generations to come and, in order to do that we need to heed to the basic rules of life love, hope, faith,charity and, respect honoring and knowing we have a creator who we will be held accountable to with out these basic laws of life we are doomed for failure as a society and we now have received the final warning our choices we make today will determine the out come of humanity. So what is your choice? Time waits for no one and time is running out...

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Conscious Music Entertainment Founded By Milliea Taylor McKinney In Support Of Positive Lyrics For Our Youth Society And Future. Partnered By Pat Melfi, And Supported Lewis Marklin Mash, And Audra Nay. Inspired By Skyler Jett.
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