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Back at the computer after writing "Real Dogs Don't Whisper"
By: Audry Lin
Aug. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- After writing his dramatic, awe-inspiring book, Mr Magoo, a snowball colored 10 inch, 13 pounds, 10 year old dog is back on the web. His fame has inspired him to write more, luckily for pet owners and pets all over the world. Known as the “man of the house”, Mr Magoo steps up to the plate and “rounds up the girls when it's bedtime”. Although he can be described as bossy, he is definitely a gentleman and protector which readers will find very endearing.

Find out about his outs and abouts, daily adventures, compulsory news reports, extraordinary happenings, and shenanigans that are so vividly written readers of all ages will laugh along. Mr MaGoo's Shenanigans can be found at his personal blog site
Learn about his doggy days (he updates twice a month), even watch a video or two previewing the book with playful and a woof woof here and there.

To make matters more alluring, I had the opportunity to interview Kelly Preston, Mr Magoo's mother to get to know our star blog writer a little better.

Q: Please describe Mr Magoo.
A: “He is 10 inches, 13 pounds, 10 years of age, snowball colored, and loves to harass mom.”

Q: What are Mr Magoo's favorite hobbies?
A: “His favorite hobby is interrupting conference calls with his squeaky toy.”

Q: Tell us about his character traits in single words
A:  “gentleman skills, protector, bossy, man of the house”

Q: If you could choose any celebrity to play the voice of Mr Magoo, who would you choose to represent him?
A: “I would say Owen Wilson represents Mr Magoo's voice best.”

Find out more about this interesting pup at

About Real Dogs Don’t Whisper: Life Lessons from a Larger than Life Dog! (and his Owner), a book aimed at the young adult market (with strong crossover potential), is the true story of a remarkable family as told in a unique way by both myself, the owner of the household, and my spunky, hilarious, nine-year old Lhasa Apso, Mr. MaGoo. The narrative is at times tear-jerking, at times hysterical, and always enthralling.  Real Dogs Don't Whisper is more than a book about dogs – it’s a book about life.  

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview or event with Kelly Preston or Mr MaGoo, please email Audry at

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