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America has become too divided putting neighbors, friends, and family against each other. The people, which are the Foundation of America, have begun to crack. It’s time to Restore The Foundation.
By: Michael J. Maxim
Aug. 15, 2011 - PRLog -- Internet radio show host/author/activist, Michael J. Maxim is announcing his new project…the non-profit organization Restore The Foundation. According to the Rasmussen Reports only 14% of the United States of America feels that the country is headed in the right direction. That means 86% feel that the system of government is broken in the United States. Those numbers are disturbing to say the least. With the massive majority of Americans in agreement then why hasn’t anything changed? We have seen the TEA party emerge at the end of 2008, Glenn Beck’s 9/12 movement in 2009 was launched, and both groups influence over the elections of 2010 cannot be disputed. However what has really changed. America’s economy has not improved. Unemployment is insane. The people of America seem more divided than ever. Why has nothing changed…because the political game and its players haven’t changed?

The problem here is the fact that America is so divided. When the TEA party movement started and gained strength the political game players in Washington DC saw its potential possibly even before the TEA Partiers themselves did. They heard their message loud and clear from the beginning and saw it as a threat to their ongoing quest for more power and money. So they did two things. First they began to push through as much of their legislation as they could. Legislation designed to do only one thing and that was to take away as many of the freedoms that made America great to begin with. The second enlisting the help of the liberal news media outlets in the mainstream they began to demonize the TEA Party, Conservatives, and Christians more aggressively than ever. For a recent example look at the debt ceiling fiasco. Conservatives and the TEA parties were attacked time and time again. They were called monsters, evil, extremists, and even terrorists by both the news and politicians…even the Vice-President had a few choice insults to spew out.

America has become too divided against each other putting neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and family against family. There hasn’t been such great division of the American people in this country since the Civil War. The people, which are the Foundation of America, have begun to crack and once the foundation cracks the whole structure collapses onto itself. It’s time to repair the foundation…it’s time to Restore The Foundation.

Restore The Foundation isn’t a politically driven organization at all. It isn’t limited to one political ideology. Diversity in America is what makes America great. Both the left and the right in America have its good points and bad. Some of their political agenda works and some don’t. It is a delicate balance that must be maintained in order for America to remain strong, prosperous, and free. We have lost that balance. Our organization is dedicated to restoring and maintaining that balance. To close the gap between the left and the right and to put our country back on track.

Through education of what America is all about, its history, traditions, and founding concepts we will overcome the indoctrination of our society by the progressive movement in this country. For example our founding documents, history, and laws make us beyond a shadow of a doubt a Judea-Christian nation; however in the beauty of America we have the freedom to choose what we believe, our religion we want to subscribe too, or we have the freedom to not believe in God at all. We have taken the structure of Christianity as a guide to construct laws and a way of life that is desperately needed to keep a society from falling into total anarchy. Our traditions like the Pledge of Allegiance and the American Flag itself are in place to remind us that even though we are a nation of free thinking individuals we are all bound together under the name Americans. That connection, that sense of patriotism has once made America strong, prosperous, and home to some of the greatest technical and medical advancements in the world. Our history and traditions are what make such a diverse nation a group of people that have a common bound that has served as a model for free societies all over the world. The progressive movement through political correctness and indoctrination process has fought to destroy these concepts. Is it just strange coincidences that since those concepts have come under attack over the past century America has eventually become weak and in economic shambles.

We will also engage those in power like never before. Through rallies and events we will spread awareness of the progressive movement and their agenda. Through email, internet petitions, and phone campaigns we will continue to contact our elected officials directly and demand answers. We will not give up until we get a response. We will go to public gatherings and town halls and meet our elected officials face to face and demand that the political game of Washington DC ends before their games end America. This will be their last chance to return to working for the people or hey will be removed from public office though the voting process or through legal channels. Restore the Foundation will help lead the way to give the word “accountability” again.

This is our last chance before we slide down that slope towards tyranny for good. Americans, unlike our Founding Fathers, do not know what it is like to live without freedoms. We have been ignorant of what goes on in Washington long enough. We have turned a blind eye for the last time. 14+ million Americans are unemployed and where is Washington’s solution. They do not have one. They caused the problem yet they don’t know how to get us back on track. Enough is enough. We must remind Americans what it means to be an American. We must engage those that work for “We the People” and demand answers and results. The time is now for America to “Restore The Foundation”.

About Michael J. Maxim

Michael J. Maxim is the host of “The American Patriot Show” on which releases new podcasts Monday through Friday at 4 pm EST at He is also author of the book “Silent No Longer: Simple Conservative Views of an Average American” and works as a conservative political activist. He is the founder of Restore The Foundation. He lives in Ohio with his wife and four sons. He is also currently working on his second book to go along with his non-profit organization titled “Restore The Foundation: Saving America”. Michael J. Maxim is available for interviews and guest speaking about Restore The Foundation. Contact Info:

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Our mission statement is simple. Through political activism we will unite the American people under one banner…we will unite them as Americans. To show the united front needed to make a change in Washington DC.
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