A New Coded Language: Genetics and Esoteric Astrology

Embracing Ancient Esoteric Wisdom, which includes Astrology, as a primary principle for holistic integration into the human being, must be adopted into the world of experimental learning if we are to survive and contrive the raising of consciousness.
Aug. 7, 2011 - PRLog -- Paula Andrea Pyle, MA renowned Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Speaker, Teacher, Author, Poet, Artist, Entertainer and Professional Astrologer releases her new book: MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Map of Astrological Houses. (Available on Amazon com, (http://www.amazon.com/Mode-Cosmic-Therapy-Esoteric-Psycho-Analytic/dp/1461022495/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1312459865&sr=1-2) major book chains and http://www.modeofcosmictherapy.com) Comfortable and passionate, with the massive accumulated knowledge in the esoteric astrological/psychological based subject, she has conducted more than 45 years of research which has gone into the metaphysical presentation. The ground-breaking astrological book explores the infinite binding correlating connections between the biological DNA imprints and psycho-analytic star patterns created at one’s birth. Except that it be, (according to the latest research from scientists, physicists and geneticists) the unabated premise, “We are immeasurably intertwined, with everything that exists, inorganic, as well as organic,” she further concludes, the book basically presents, explodes and explores the interweaving, intimate relationship of esoteric psychology, astrology, sociology in a continuing adult educational esoteric psycho-analytic form.

Over the years, Mrs. Pyle, (adult education promoter) has conducted innumerable one-on-one appointments, countless lengthy metaphysical interviews, complicated esoterically induced group sessions and deeply involved, interactive scientifically based mystical workshops, philosophical/psychological seminars and adept-mind group conferences where these ideas have presented and utilized. “What I have discovered is that people want, need and expect to find what they are looking for, but simply don’t know how or where to begin.” MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Map of Houses offers an investigative psychological tool to further viable options.

“Bridging together, two very distinct concepts of genetics and astrology, may seem unlikely, the two be married. But, nothing could be further from the truth. The earth, according to most scientists is approximately 4 to 6 billion years old, depending on whom you ask. Whatever impetus started the ancient unfolding, call it god or a guardian gas, the fact remains, which cannot be easily disputed, some type of desire caused it to manifest: as we understand and interpret desire. IF this be the case, desire is ageless and indestructible, and so too, are we.”

Paula Andrea Pyle’s overriding desire to share her accumulated laborious findings with others makes for an unending possession of soul’s intent as is laid out in the book. Although the pages present a traditional astrological natal pie-chart foundation, for the seeker to unravel, with an added emphasis on houses, she will quickly tell you, “This adjunct is necessary, in order, to openly discuss topics which can be unnecessarily diluted by other educational means. Astrology is the easiest and quickest esoteric psychological tool for a person to embrace, accept and apply in his/her life.” In other words, one does not have to be ’into’ astrology to appreciate or benefit from the book’s contents, but having a natal chart in hand will certainly prove to be advantageous.

According to her carefully tabulated esoteric findings, “We are born with a sublime mission to accomplish and no matter, how it appears; we will accomplish what we have come to earth to see formulated. Not unlike the indelibly imprinted DNA’s mission established and maintained in our genes. This is not to say, that a predetermined plan has been wrought for us; one of which cannot be amalgamated. No. The irrefutable age old argument pales in the presence of more scientific evidence which states: we are partially formed by an incalculable mixture of primordial ingested heritage of unmitigated factors, which play into molding and melding of our composite personalities (far more than early parental conditioning), which coupled with unalterable DNA patterns, arising from the two of the parent’s most recent deposits, in addition to prevalent peer influences, influence our behaviors, actions and motivating selections in careers, mates and education. When one considers the ramifications of such logical suppositions, is it any wonder that the coding imprinted upon our genes would also be registered in the stars which are composed of the same gaseous mixture which comprise and sustain us?”

Embracing Ancient Esoteric Wisdom, which includes Astrology, as a primary principle for holistic integration into the human being, must be adopted into the world of experimental learning, if we are to survive, thrive and contrive the raising of consciousness now being expressed exponentially. “It’s simply a matter of learning the coded language of both, genetics and astrology. One speaks in letters of four; the other, in houses, of twelve."

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An ancient esoteric arts & science educational psychological idea who time has come. Combining education, esoteric psychology, astrology & metaphysics opens the doorway into latent sacred sensual sexual artistic creativity found within each individual.
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