The Age of Man’s Desire: A MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Study

The sun, moon, stars, planets, universe and man are extremely old but share a relationship that is undenibly intimate. A vibrating course of their interwined destiny continues to baffle, astound and mystify all MODE Esoteric psycho-analytic astrology
Paula Andrea Pyle, MA - Author
Paula Andrea Pyle, MA - Author
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Aug. 5, 2011 - PRLog -- A Scientific Esoteric Astrological Metaphysical Premise

According to Wikipedia, the earth is 4.54 billion years old, give or take a day or two. If this information is anywhere near accurate, then we, as, human beings, having emerged from a planet so vast and old, have accumulated infinite possibilities and inclusive patterns of stabilizing survival mechanisms. We could ask, “What are we doing here, in the first place”, but that’s another can of worms, altogether. However, let us seriously ponder: at this particular place, at this tempered time, at this jolting juncture, at this precise point, how have we arrived at exactly and precisely, where we are located in this moment?  

In our seemingly sacredly sensual, monotonously meaningful, turbulently trying life, the glaring question before us: what will we do, while we are taking up this allotted designated ‘space’ on the planet? With this question firmly planted in mind, could it be possible that we have, in fact, been positioned here for a designated purpose or has the event been purely coincidental and randomly posited?

Seems so unlikely, after incalculable years, of the implausible formation of such a nefarious planet, whose surface, houses nearly 6 billion people, currently; that the culmination would result in a meaningless, insignificant and inconsequential hodge-podge stew. Somehow, somewhere, in some extraneous fashion (we, as the inhabitants of the planet, itself, may not ever know for certain) that the profoundly nebulous, resonating existence of population has to matter. “Who are we, really and what do ‘we-more-than-anything-else-in the-whole-wide-world’ want?” Do we know? Do we even have a clue? Does it even matter?

In order to begin the unraveling process of discovering just what it is that makes us tick, turns our knobs, pushes our buttons, thrills our soul, incites our hearts to action, causes us to genuinely desire something worth experiencing, and last but certainly not least, after having experienced these earth bound sensual feelings, be open and receptive enough to express them without fear of being misunderstood, misinterpreted and worst of all, rejected? Can we venture into that part of our latent artistic self which holds the key to our superlative expression? Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric FREE Natal Chart at can be used as an esoteric psychological tool to probe into the depths of ancient wisdom established and maintained by human beings.  

When we seriously think about it: what does our lives consist of? I’m not talking about the rattled off familiar scenes and recognizable people who pepper our world on a daily basis; I am referring to the ‘what’ that constitutes our genetically structured age old being. Our sublimely creative, artistically infused, sacredly sensual, hallowed scientifically expressed sexual nature; our genuine sublime essence of which there exists no formative explanation or definition. In other words, we inhabit a body, supposedly, yet the body of the world, in which we were born, thrive, survive and breathe supports us by and through an inexplicable process, sort of like the RNA duplicating procedure in the mind-boggling, miraculous human machine, itself.

The newly released book, “Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Map of Astrological Houses” (  suggest a relative connection between genetic structure of the body with the celestial patterened structure of the universe in a person’s life bears witness to, and influences the psychological outlay in destiny.

In other words, we exist, in as much as genetic scientists can discern, from an incalculable emergence from probably around 4 1/2 billion years ago.  Not in the same replica as we now, appear, but as the minuscule beginning of something so divine, it simply boggles the imagination. An unutterable creation of such distinction, it defies the widest possible range of imaginative brain development.   It goes without repeating, but, nevertheless; we are very old. So, old, that if we thought about the, Master of Divine Essence, from which we arrived, we would be far more celebratory, observant and filled with continual, acknowledged gratitude, just to be alive and able to function, in whatever manner we do.

Though our hallowed beginnings are unmistakably indefinable, to say the least, and, intelligently incomprehensible, to say the most, we are not left without blatant clues, as to who it is we are, and what we genuinely want. The problem arises when we confuse who we are with others and try to fulfill needs and desires, we don’t really possess. We are so thoroughly penetrated and unsuspectingly infiltrated daily by our peer’s (family, friends, society’s) opinions, ideas and thoughts, which influence each and every one of our decisions, big and small, that, in order to sift our latent desires and needs through a sieve would be most appropriate to filter out what’s not really part of our divine nature and sublime intent.  

Something bothers us. It has for a very long time, probably from the beginning. We wrestle with it, continuously.

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An ancient esoteric arts & science educational psychological idea who time has come. Combining education, esoteric psychology, astrology & metaphysics opens the doorway into latent sacred sensual sexual artistic creativity found within each individual.
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