A.W.E.'s New Energy Division Offers Complete Solar Power System Installations

A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy., formerly The Air Conditioning & Heating Company, in Carol Stream, now offers its western Chicago suburban customers expert installation for solar power systems. Energy and plumbing expertise is now available.
A.W.E. experts install a Lennox Solar Panel System
A.W.E. experts install a Lennox Solar Panel System
Aug. 4, 2011 - PRLog -- Carol Stream, Ill. –  Whether the sun’s shining brightly or clouds blanket the sky, solar power can be harnessed to offset the continually rising energy costs for homes and small businesses. A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy., formerly The Air Conditioning & Heating Company, now offers its western Chicago suburban customers expert installation for solar power.  Recently the company completed an eight-panel Lennox Solar Power System installation on a 100 year-old home and today, that homeowner can rest easy as demand for the air conditioner’s cool air is in high demand.

“We have thoughtfully added services and products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, and we are happy to offer cutting-edge renewable energy solutions,” said Ray Grimm, CEO for A.W.E., a trusted one-call solution provider for a home’s vital systems including air conditioning and air quality, heating, plumbing and electrical needs.  “Geothermal will be the next area of growth for us as we move forward with our green energy focus,” Grimm said.

Many factors play a part when customers consider the various types of eco-friendly energy options.  Jeff Kranicki, sales manager at A.W.E., said that with rising energy rates, now is a great time for homeowners to consider the renewable energy options available.

He explained that a homeowner might expect to see a payback from the energy savings versus the installation purchase price over the long term.  Tax credit options available now through 2016 for consumer energy efficiency add to the alternative energy’s affordability. To determine the tax credits applicable, visit  http://www.energystar.gov.

A.W.E.’s recent solar power installation system takes technology to a new level, with online data accessibility that informs both the homeowner and the technicians at A.W.E.’s home office that all panels are in proper working order.  These smart systems also allow each user to see the cumulating energy savings for the day, week and year.  

“Within the initial three weeks of operation, the solar panels we installed had generated 129 kilowatts of power. That is enough energy to power four houses for a full day,” said Kranicki.  

Installation is an easy, non-invasive project when connecting the solar panel power source to the existing elements that require energy such as the exterior air conditioning units for a home or business.

For the Midwestern climate, some residents considering solar power question what happens with the solar power panels when it’s cloudy or snowing.  Kranicki said that even during cloudy days, UV rays can be absorbed into the solar panel system.  For snow, the panels’ surfaces are tilted at an angle so snow melts and slides off to leave an exposed panel.

“Regardless of hail, wind, hurricane and more, these solar panels are built to withstand the ravages of Mother Nature,” he added.

Over time the surface of the panels may need to be cleaned depending on the environment. A.W.E.’s team recommends general maintenance of the furnace/air handler including being cleaned and checked annually to ensure all connections are clean and tight.

Several items A.W.E. suggests to those considering solar power:
- Consider the exposure for your roof.  If trees provide heavy coverage, consider removal or trimming to open exposure to the sun’s rays.
- Work with a qualified contractor that can assist with the formal permitting required by local municipalities and homeowner’s associations.
- Ensure your technician is trained in the proper installation. A.W.E.’s team completes extensive training through Lennox Corporation before handling such projects.
- Determine the financial incentives offered by the local, regional and national government agencies.
- Confirm the warranty with any installation.  The Lennox Corporation panels installed by A.W.E. offer a 25-year warranty.

To explore energy efficient power options for a home or small business, contact A.W.E. at 630-AWESOME or 630-293-7663.  For more information, visit http://www.theawefactor.com.

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A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. is a breath of fresh air for the homeowner. The Carol Stream, Illinois-based company provides one trusted source for all of a home’s vital systems. A.W.E.’s expert team works with homeowners to create the healthiest in-home environment and the most efficient levels of systems operation. With a 100% money-back guarantee, A.W.E. provides expert plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and heating service and installation. A.W.E.’s MVP Membership offers customers an ability to stay ahead of costly repairs, and many other value-added benefits. For more information, visit www.theAWEfactor.com or call 630-AWESOME.
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