Data Supports Men Funnier Than Women

A new web site that uses a public opinion process called "crowdsifting" has data to support that men are the funnier sex. uses it's crowdsifting process and a daily caption contest to put numbers on how funny each member is.
By: Bob DiPasquale
June 22, 2011 - PRLog -- Bob DiPasquale, Database Analyst for IBM, and founder of in Round Rock TX has confirmed the male sex is slightly ahead of the females when it comes to being funny.  It’s really a very close race, but men stay consistently about 1 percentage point ahead of women.

Bob uses the data compiled from his web site at where members participate daily in a unique and tasteful cartoon caption contest.  HumorQ uses a process called crowdsifting to force members through voting tiers where they choose the best of five captions a few times before submitting their own caption for the latest contest.  It allows HumorQ to put a score on every caption submission, and keep track of how members do over time.

The latest male / female comparison data was calculated from the average humorq of the currently 240 members (145 male, 95 female), with the average male score showing up at 109.9 and the females at 107.8 out of a possible perfect humorq of 200.  Currently two of the top three player scores are male too, but that fluctuates from day to day.  Asked why he thought the males are scoring a bit higher, DiPasquale responded “I think it’s a bit more natural for men to be funny.  We all use humor as a weapon in our hunt for companions, I just think today’s society still has men acting as the hunters more often than women, and therefore perhaps exercising their humor muscles a bit more.”  

DiPasquale admits that a much larger sample needs to be looked at before too many conclusions are drawn, but he’s excited about the way his crowdsifting technique works and how it can be applied to make powerful conclusions from public opinion.  “IBM has published my “crowdsifting” idea, but says I’m at liberty to pursue whatever patents I want on measuring humor.  Imagine an IBM without humor interests, whodathunk?”

If you’re interested in finding out how funny you are, head over to , maybe you can help the average score for your sex.  For data inquiries, feel free to use the contact information on the web site.

# # # is the web site that puts a number on how funny you are. We use a method called crowdsifting to have members both judge and submit captions to a tasteful daily cartoon caption contest. We then combine the popularity of your captions with your ability to recognize the best caption in your list of choices when voting, to come up with your HumorQ. Your HumorQ is a number between 1 and 200 that defines how funny you are. Our web site is at

CEO Bob DiPasquale is an application developer for IBM, founder of a non-profit called Memories for Surviving Kids (, a standup comic and writer, and author of the book "Don't Hide When Your Pants Are Full".
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