Move over "The Book of Awesome", and make way for "The Book of Awful" parody!

For those of us who aren't positive enough to poop rainbows or dance with teddy bears, finally an option exists! This parody of "The Book of Awesome" outlines terrible scenarios, to demonstrate (with humor), how much worse life could really be.
The Book of Awful
The Book of Awful
May 11, 2011 - PRLog -- Romi Moondi has rebelled against the wholesome bestseller "The Book of Awesome", and she didn't hold back a bit. "The Book of Awful" lets readers experience awful scenarios one-by-one, to remind them how much worse life could really be.  

Whether it's a world where you finally meet your evil twin, the cancellation of Facebook, or the discovery of unicorns that forever alters society, you'll feel relieved that you're only READING about it.

For ease of comprehension, the author lends her humble experiences to several topics, and leaves no stone of embarrassment unturned (not even the one where she had head lice as a grown adult).

To cover off a vast array of concerns, the book is sectioned off into highly relevant topics for mankind:

1. Self-Image
2. World Issues
3. Life Skills
4. Food and Drink
5. Society and You
6. Alternative Lifestyles
7. Dating, Stalking and Romance

By the end, the reader won't feel "awesome", but overwhelming relief?

Highly probable.

"The Book of Awful" is available on Kindle Amazon US/UK/DE, at the low price of $2.99 US  ( ).

To find out more about Romi, you can visit her author page on Amazon (  ) and follow her on Twitter ( ). You can also find out more from the author below, as she tells us how she came to write this daring and hilarious parody:

"It seems that everyone applies the theory "write what you know" into their stories, even if it's just the way their characters feel amidst extraordinary settings.

When it comes to my work, "write what you know" has inspired me from the very beginning.

Maybe it's because there's an endless source of fodder when you're raised by the strictest Indian parents in Canada.

Maybe it's because I only meet the most random men in situations where it's doomed to fail (i.e. a British Barista at Starbucks, an Australian writer, or a Swiss music exec). This leads me to believe that my life is a demented rom-com, which is a huge inspiration in my writing.

Or maybe it's because embarrassing situations define my world, so it's easy to insert them into writing.

My latest effort and debut ebook is yet another example of "write what you know."

It's a parody of the bestselling "The Book of Awesome", and my decision to write this came at a rather dark period in my life. Imagine your heart as shards of glass on the floor, then suddenly a dump truck of someone's positive thoughts runs it over. That dump truck was the rise of "The Book of Awesome", in Spring 2010.

So there I was, being blinded with manufactured rainbow-rays of joy, when all I wanted to do was dropkick the universe in the nuts.

And I guess that’s what you'd call "The Book of Awful"---a dropkick to the universe's nuts.

This book is a treasure trove of awkward life experiences. From the time I got head lice as a grown adult, to the struggle to meet normal men online, to my unhealthy obsession with Ryan Reynolds…it all finds its way into the book. Overall "The Book of Awful"'s entries outline one horrific scenario after the next, to demonstrate how much worse life could really be. Because, in my opinion, the road to joy is paved with narrowly avoided collisions, NOT rainbows.

And so, consider this ebook my rebellion to the establishment, because not only is "The Book of Awesome" a marketing jewel of one of the big six publishers (as is its sequel which released in April), but it's also a book that tells you stuff to make you feel good.

And I don't like being told how to feel.

"The Book of Awful" is available on ereaders everywhere, and the rebellion is accepting new recruits. Join me…  

Romi Moondi"

# # #

Romi Moondi published her parody "The Book of Awful" in April 2011 on Kindle Amazon. (available on other ereaders in June). Fun facts about Romi: 1. She used to wear denim top to bottom in high school. 2. She recently walked into a full-length window. It hurt.


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