FlixFamily makes Netflix more Family Friendly

FlixFamily, a new service for Netflix subscribers, let's families create multiple sub accounts each with their own watch lists, password protection and content filtering.
April 21, 2011 - PRLog -- If you’ve talked to a Netflix subscriber recently you’ve probably heard how much they enjoy having tens of thousands of titles available to view anytime they want.  But if they have children they probably also told you how nice it would be if they could create different watch lists for each member of their family.  When everyone puts what they want to watch into the same queue two things happen.  First you end up scrolling through a lot of titles you’re not interested in; just to find the one you want.  And second, if you have young children, there can be quite a few titles in there that you don’t want your child clicking on by accident.  Do you really want your four year old watching those titles your teenage horror film aficionado put in there?

FlixFamily.com fixes all that.  With FlixFamily, each member of your family creates their own sub account, so to speak, that contains not only their individual watch list, but also their own watch and search histories.  In addition, each sub account can be password protected for privacy, and parents can set up content filters for the accounts of their children, assuring they only choose from appropriate titles.

“Netflix subscribers have long requested the ability to have separate instant watch queues” said Scott Chaney, president of FlixFamily.com. “FlixFamily fits that bill perfectly and provides even more features to enhance the Netflix experience,”

If you only watch Netflix on your computer then FlixFamily stands alone, automatically launching those titles you want to watch.   The same thing will soon hold true for Roku users when in a week the FlixFamily Roku channel is released.

If you have other Netflix devices you want to use FlixFamily with then it works a little differently.   FlixFamily essentially substitutes as your Netflix queue and instead uses the Netflix instant queue as a “watch now” queue.  When you select a title to watch in FlixFamily it’s put into your Netflix queue as the only item, where you can easily select and watch it from any device in your home.  This of course requires going to FlixFamily.com whenever you want to watch something in your personal watch list.  But that will actually become cool in a couple of weeks when the portable web app comes out. You’ll be able to sit on your couch with your iPod Touch, iPhone or Android phone, select the movie you want to watch from your personal watch list at FlixFamily.com and have it instantly appear as the only title in your Netflix queue.  

“We hope to have FlixFamily running natively on all Netflix enabled devices in the future” says Chaney, “but until then, this process works well to allow folks to use FlixFamily on devices other than their computer and Roku.”

FlixFamily also appeals to those who just want to organize their instant watch queue.  Instead of creating separate watch lists for family members they just create watch lists for different categories.

With FlixFamily, organizing Netflix instant watch queues becomes possible, providing a much better Netflix experience to those with families or large queues they wish to organize. To find out more, visit http://FlixFamily.com.


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