R4i 3DS Firmware Update for 3DS R4i Gold Ver2.0 and 3DS R4i Ultra SDHC

R4i Gold Ver2.0 and R4i Ultra SDHC can both be updated for DS gaming on 3DS console with 3DS R4i Firmware Update Patch. R4i 3DS Firmware Update is instructed step by step with Detailed Text Explaination and Video Show.
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R4i Gold Ver2.0 for 3DS Console
R4i Gold Ver2.0 for 3DS Console
April 7, 2011 - PRLog -- R4i 3DS Firmware Update Patch for R4i Gold Ver2.0 and R4i Ultra SDHC was released on Apr 6th, 2011. With 3DS Firmware Update, can R4i Gold Ver2.0 card and R4i Ultra SDHC play DS games on 3DS console. How to have it installed and how to update successfully ? R4i 3DS Firmware update will be as easy as ABC.

R4i 3DS Firmware Update Equipment
- Nintendo 3DS Console ( V1.1.0-1U used )
- Nintendo DS Lite
- Memory Card ( Kingston Micro SDHC Card )
- R4i Gold Ver2.0 card ( r4ids.com ), R4i Ultra SDHC card ( r4ultra.com )
- USB Micro Adapter
- Computer

R4i 3DS Firmware Update Procedure
1. Download official Kernel or YSMenu kernel from r4ids.com
- AKAIO 1.8.1 does not support R4i Gold Ver2.0 updated, and R4i card gets freezen at black screen.

2. Download R4i 3DS update patch - R4iDSfw_update_3ds.rar - officailly from r4ids.com

3. Decompress Kernel and Update Patch, and find the unzipped folders and files as below.
Official FW V2.0T - _SYSTEM_, moonmemo, moonshl2, _DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MENU.INI, _DS_MSHL.NDS
R4iDSfw_update_3ds - R4iDSfw_update_3ds_DSi.nds, R4iDSfw_update_3ds_DSL.nds
Note: The procedure will take YSMenu Kernel with R4iDSfw_update_3ds_DSL.nds as an example. Users can also install official FW V2.0T to replace YSMenu Kernel, however, if update on a DSi, R4iDSfw_update_3ds_DSi.nds is required to be selected, and if update on DS Lite, R4iDSfw_update_3ds_DSL.nds is required.

4. Copy folders and files below and save to the root directory of Kingston memory card
MOONSHL, YSMenu, _DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS, _MENU_.NDS from ysmenu and R4iDSfw_update_3ds_DSL.nds from R4iDSfw_update_3ds

5. Kernel and Update Firmware Installation complete

6. Run R4i Gold Ver2.0 with memory card above, power on DS Lite and load into YSMenu interface

7. Navigate and find R4iDSfw_update_3ds_DSL.nds, press A button and run the update file

8. Do as intructed from DS Lite tells.
Eject R4i Gold card and insert again, press B button to continue. Press START and wait for the update. During the update, press any other key to cancel the update but DO NOT POWER OFF DS Lite. When update is done, power off DS Lite and take the R4i Gold Ver2.0 out.

9. Insert your R4i Gold Ver2.0 into Nintendo 3DS, and now users can enjoy the Wifi DS games on 3DS consoles.

10. R4i 3DS Firmware Update for R4i Ultra SDHC is similar with this R4i Gold Ver2.0.


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