New Vampire Novel Series Released

Vampire Writer blurs the genre boundaries with new novel series.
March 8, 2011 - PRLog -- This week sees the launch of a brand new vampire novel series. The first installment of the series, 'Vampire Vintage Book One : Belladonna in Hollywood' follows the adventures of a beautiful country bumpkin from the boonies, and Vivant, an irresistible ancient vampire with an attitude. When they meet it's explosive - they adore and despise each other in equal measure.

'Vampire Vintage Book One' begins and ends in the present day, and takes place mostly in 1931, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, and is set in the seedy underbelly of Tinsel Town.

"I've always wanted to see my favorite era, genres, Golden Age Hollywood and vampires all fused together in a novel. So I wrote it,” said Alex Severin." She continues, "It's not 'Twilght,' or a straight up paranormal romance, but it does have a messed-up romance story running through it. But there's also visceral horror, gangsters, drug addiction, revenge, murder and guns. The flip-side of Hollywood, away from the glitz and glamor - in any era - isn't pretty.”

Severin, a life-long vampire fanatic, has several books already planned in the series. Book two is well underway and is scheduled for a release later this year. Its title is The Ministry of Lily, and this time will be set predominantly in the present day. The story follows a writer, Lily Transyl, whose vampire novel Vampire Red so profoundly affects some of its readers that they form a cult and kill in her name, heeding the 'secret messages' they believe are hidden within the text.

On being asked why she chose the 'indy' route, Alex said "It could take five years or more to get a book on bookstore shelves. There's the agent hunt, then the agent searches for a publisher, then the publisher has to schedule your book for release. All of these thing can take a year, or more, on their own. I'm not saying I won't ever do the 'traditional' thing – I think that's what all writers want - but right now I'd like to try it on my own. I'm also somewhat of a control freak, so being an independent and running the whole show by myself appeals to me too."

'Vampire Vintage Book One : Belladonna in Hollywood' is available in eBook format from, and

To learn more about Alex Severin, you can visit her website at

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