Ways to Cut The Clutter

Get your life and your home in order. Follow some of these easy steps to Cut the Clutter
By: Kim Diehl
Dec. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Follow a few of these easy clutter-cutting methods to increase productivity and create more peace in your life.

1.   Closets….the cloths trap.  Take inventory of your closet(s).  The shoes, purses, scarves, coats, sweaters, shirts, etc. and if you haven’t worn it in a year, give it to a worthy charity.  There are always people who need your unworn items.
2.   Doors – Use them wisely.  There are many great storage options that fit on the backs of doors which can be used for that “extra” stuff.  It is a neat, orderly and stylish way to organize the extras.  
3.   Drawers and bins are a great way to help keep kids toys, games, books and other items organized.  Many now come in great colors to match the décor of the room.  Label the drawers and bins for extra assistance in keeping you and your child organized.
4.   Find a place for everything and store the item in a room where it is most often used.  If you find that you infrequently use a particular item, no sense in keeping it around.  Donate it or sell it.  
5.   Get rid of duplicate items.  How many plastic containers, coffee mugs, glasses do you really need?  Take inventory of those items that you have multiple of, really consider if it is a “needed” item.  If not, discard it.
6.   Have a central location for items you are going to need daily and keep them in an easy find location.  Everyday people waste valuable time hunting for items they utilize every day.  Place items like notepads, pens, pencils, bills you need to mail, grocery list in one central location so you can readily find it.
7.   Seek out dual-purpose furniture.  There are many pieces available that work as dual purpose—ottomans with lift-off tops are great for extra storage of kids games, pillows, books, magazines and how about coffee tables with drawers, a great place to store out of sight, pen and paper to jot down telephone messages.
8.   Seek out places in your home where clutter seems to collect (kitchen counters, on top of desks, etc.) and use affordable attractive storage to contain the items.  For example, a lovely dish or bowl on top the kitchen counter will hold your car and house keys.  Magazines and such, if you must keep the magazine itself vs. keeping an article or two, many office supply stores now how decorate containers for magazines.

De-cluttering does not have to happen overnight.  You can accomplish great feats of de-cluttering with just an hour or two, focused on a particular area of a room.  You’ll be astonished at what you can accomplish in that short period of time.  Remember – Less Stuff = More Peace.

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