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The Spinal Decompression Therapy has been successfully treating chronic back, neck and disc problems for many years. The treatment is so effective that it can often prevent surgeries and is increasing the quality of lives for thousands of people.
By: Trigenics® Physio-Rehab Treatment Center
Nov. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- The treatment at our Clinic is the most comprehensive program available on the market as it involves several facets not available anywhere else.

Three phase treatment the 1st of its kind!

This includes the comprehensive 3 phase system of
1) Digital disc decompression with EMG biofeedback
2) Trigenics® neuromuscular treatment and re-training and
3) Prescription of neutraceuticals for disc healing and rehabilitation.

Conditions Treated

All three stages of the disc and spine recovery program are an integral part of this system to ensure the patient’s improvement is rapid and successful. It is imperative that the patient follow the treatment as outlined by the doctor. Patients may feel a difference immediately. The end result is elimination of pain, and an increased quality of life.

• Disc bulge or Herniation
• Spinal Stenosis
• Sciatica
• Neck pain
• Radiculopathy (pinched nerve)
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Osteoarthritis
• Degenerative disc disease
• Fibromyalgia
• Scoliosis

Our clinic provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary therapeutic services to patients suffering from the debilitating effects of chronic pain. Our referrals come from physicians, health care professionals, rehabilitation specialists, hospitals, lawyers, insurance companies, employers, and other patients.

The clinic has made rapid strides towards offering a very complete and unique treatment that will eventually become a staple in the current health care system.

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After a consultation with one of the doctors, each patient is given a customized treatment program. The treatments are relaxing, comfortable and painless! The end result is that pain is eliminated naturally and more effectively than would otherwise be possible.

Stages of Treatment

Our unique Decompression treatment is divided into three major stages. All three stages are an integral part of this system to ensure the patient’s recovery is quick and successful. It is imperative that the patient follow the treatment as explained by the doctor. Patients may feel a difference immediately. The end goal is elimination of pain, and an increased quality of life.

Stage 1: Digital Disc Decompression System
The digitally programmed and modulated distraction forces performed by the computer driven device methodically create decompression of the spine and discs.

This allows a normal disc to receive the critical nutrition it will need to heal. This therapy uses a distractive force that is carefully applied with EMG biofeedback to overcome the patient’s ability to reflexively guard against the force for total relaxation of the spinal muscles. EMG biofeedback allows the patient to learn how to create a muscular relaxation response and it also allows the doctor to monitor and modify the computer settings.

The overall result is a very relaxing treatment. In fact, many patients read magazines or listen to music while they are receiving the digital disc decompression.

Stage 2: Trigenics® Myoneural Treatment
The second phase to this system is application of the Trigenics® neuromuscular enhancement treatments, which offers patients the unique combination of also resetting the way their brain communicates with their spinal muscles for retraining of spinal movement and stability functions.

In every patient with chronic lower back pain and/or sciatica, there is a decreased function of the cerebellum (part of brain that controls sensory and motor function of muscles). Trigenics® resets the way the brain communicates with the body much in the same way that a computer is “reset” when it freezes. (Go to www.trigenics.ca for more information.)

Stage 3: Neutraceutical Disc Supplementation
This is the phase of the treatment where the patient is provided with a prescription of disc regenerative neutraceuticals. Discs that have been damaged or deteriorating require proper state-of-the-art nutritional support for maximum height restoration and functional healing. Therefore, neutraceutical disc supplementation is an essential part of the disc decompression recovery program.

Frequently Asked Questions
What conditions is this system used for?
This system is excellent for any type of neurological condition, or disc and joint problem. Conditions include herniated, bulged or protruding discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica or pinched nerves (radiculopathy), and carpal tunnel syndrome. Low back and neck problems are the most common areas treated.

What is the success rate of this treatment?
By year's end in 2007, the rate of success of the Digital disc decompression with EMG biofeedback has been consistently around 80%.

Are there any side effects or risks to the treatment? No.
The treatment is completely safe and pain free. Treatments are always supervised by licensed practitioners.

How long does the treatment take? Treatment may last anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending on the condition.

Is the treatment affordable?
Yes. You can come in for a free consultation and the doctors will determine if you are a candidate. Treatments are usually covered by insurance plans and any patient with financial constraints is given many different options convenient for them. Senior discounts are available.

How do I determine if I’m a candidate?
Consultations are always free at the clinic. When you come in for the initial appointment, if you have had an MRI, CT scan, or radiographs of the affected area, those results are helpful. Various tests can be performed on site if you have not had any previously done. The evaluating practitioner will then determine how your condition will benefit from the treatment, and may go over a treatment protocol and schedule with you. You can ask questions at this point before

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TRIGENICS is effective in providing relief for many conditions such as: chronic injuries, all forms of tendonitis including: tennis elbow, all sprain/strain injuries, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, Spinal injuries, chronic pain etc.
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