Auto Answer Home Phone In Speakerphone Mode - Force The Phone To Answer

You Can NOW Force The Phone you Called To Answer - Great For Checking Up On Seniors That Don't Answer Their Phone Or Listening In To Hear What Is Going on At The House.
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Oct. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- I'm Scared ! My Parent's Never Pick Up Their Phone and I Worry That They Are OK !
Auto Answer Home Phone In Speakerphone Mode - Force The Phone To Answer.

You Can NOW Force The Phone you Called To Answer - Great For Checking Up On Seniors That Don't Answer Their Phone Or Listening In To Hear What Is Going on At The House.

We have all been there, we call and they will not answer. They are alone and we think they are injured. What can you do? We have the answer .... read this article.

Imagine being able to call and FORCE the phone to answer and talk with them.

This system also has a remote call feature that allows a caller to call the phone and after 10 rings enters a user password that will remotely answer the phone in 2 way speakerphone mode. This would allow you to call and check up on someone and speak to them through the speakerphone without them having to touch the phone. This is a great way to call someone and make sure they were ok without the person you were calling  having to do anything to answer the phone, totally hands free.

This system has an amazing list of features.

The bonus of an amplified phone with addition of the emergency connect feature. The Amplified Emergency Medical Connect Phone acts as an automatic dialer in emergency situations. It comes with 2 small transmitter remote that can be worn on wrist like a watch, or attached to a lanyard around the neck (included).


In the event of an emergency, the wearer presses the red emergency button on the transmitter. There is also an emergency button on the phone. Once the emergency button is pressed, the phone numbers of up to six preprogrammed emergency contacts are dialed. These are normally family members, friends or neighbors who would be able to respond to the emergency call. If there is no response after 30 seconds or the line is busy, the phone automatically dials the next preprogrammed phone number. It will cycle through the emergency numbers twice. When the phone reaches a live person, it will play your pre-recorded emergency message. The other person will dial a number (0-9) to confirm that the emergency message has been received and to deactivate the system from dialing the next emergency contact number. The system then turns on its speakerphone so that the other person is able to speak and listen to the other user, known as Remote Audio Monitoring.

50+ dB amplification
UltraClear sound shaping tone control
2 Waterproof Wrist watch or necklace style remote controls (2 wireless wrist-watch style remotes with included neck lanyard that operate up to 100 feet from the base unit)
Easy to install and use. Phone uses standard phone line. Transmitter pendants are battery-powered.
Allows you to remain independent
Provides added security without monthly monitoring fees from security companies
Up to 6 remote-dial emergency contact numbers
Auto on-hook after 8 minutes
Strobe light ring flasher
Super-loud 95dB ringer (Adjustable ringer volume)
Caller ID (99 name and number storage)
Phonebook (99 name and number storage)
Emergency number displayed on Caller ID screen during dialing
10 second custom message recording time
Moves to next emergency dial phone number every 30 seconds
Emergency dial button
Call cancel on remote pendants and base
Remote requires one 12V battery (replaceable)
Remote audio monitoring (Provides the ability for a caller to call and force the phone to answer in speakerphone mode)
Adjustable amplification up to 52dB with volume control slide bar, amplification boost button and situational boost button
Adjustable tone control with full amplification in high and low tones
Amplified 3.5mm jack / Amplified 2.5mm hands-free jack
Hearing aid t-coil compatible
Amplification reset override
Four ringer tones
Six memory buttons and three priority memory buttons
Up to 12dB speech output amplification
Bed shaker (optional - sold separately)
2 Remote control lanyards (included)
Requires a standard 120V electrical outlet
Desk or wall mount
Adjustable angle display
Tone or Pulse dialing
One Year Limited Warranty


2 Wireless Waterproof Pendant Transmitters
3 Wrist Straps
2 Necklace Lanyards
1 Telephone dialing unit
1 Telephone Cord Long
1 Telephone Cord Short
1 Wall mount bracket
1 Small screwdriver for wall mount install use
1 Wall power adapter



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