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A demanding love is one that weighs us down and keeps us from experiencing ourselves as healthy and whole. Conditional love always has a string attached. It says, when I give you this, I expect something in return.
By: Darlene Montgomery
Sept. 21, 2010 - PRLog -- A demanding love is one that weighs us down and keeps us from experiencing ourselves as healthy and whole. Conditional love always has a string attached. It says, when I give you this, I expect something in return.

Darlene Montgomery, author of the Book Series Conscious Women Conscious Lives, teaches how boundaries are a part of a healthy relationship. Many of us never had role models for a more conscious type of relationship and For those who are seeking advice on how to have a higher form of love in their lives, Toronto resident, Darlene Montgomery offers stories from 40 women about their experiences with relationships of all kinds.

“Our way of looking for love has changed, and our way of being in love has changed, says Montgomery. “In this present day, with books and programs that teach us how to be more conscious, old relationship paradigms have changed. It’s more than just a change of roles; it’s a transcending of roles to get to a higher spiritual love.”

The 5th book in series Conscious Women Conscious Lives, titled Conscious Women Conscious Relationships: Stories of Wisdom and Awareness on the Path of Relationships by Lifedreams Publishing, has stories from women from across Canada and through the USA on all types of relationships. Authors share their stories in finding love, loss of a loved one, internet dating, the greatest love of all, parental relationships and more.

Oprah Winfrey is also included in the list of women sharing their heartfelt stories on love, loss, finding new love and more.

Montgomery formerly worked with Canadian Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul, as associate Editor compiling the book which became a Best-seller. Her first book Dream Yourself Awake deals with dreams and intuition as a way to discover one’s life purpose.

Show Points:

•   The greatest love of all begins with our relationship with ourselves
•   How to set boundaries in relationships
•   Letting go of a lifelong love
•   Why it’s essential for a woman to do what she must do for herself
•   How Internet dating is changing our perception of relationships
•   Loving for the 2nd and third time
•   How to get past old hurts and move forward in the present
•   Forgiveness as an essential key to a full life
•   And more.......


The Amazing Power of Love
Betty Hart

My attempts to form a close relationship with my grandkids had failed. They refused to have a relationship with me and I was truly heartbroken.

My life has been blessed with many treasures. Among the most precious are my six grand children. Two, however, lived in Canada at a time when I lived in Trinidad. I have always tried, since their birth, to visit them at least twice a year, to foster a strong relationship and create the same bond that I enjoyed with my grandchildren in Trinidad.

I invested a lot of time and money on this venture, but the closeness that I had hoped for never materialized. Finally I decided to go to Canada to live, to see if I could deepen my relationship with them.

I was broken-hearted when my grandkids refused to accept me into their lives, but my love for them was so great that I never gave up. At every opportunity I tried to initiate a pleasant communication with them, but each attempt failed. They refused to let me get close to them.

One morning, after dropping them off to school, I sat in contemplation in my daughter’s living room. After taking twenty minutes for my morning spiritual exercise, I opened my eyes. Immediately I was drawn to a large picture of my granddaughter. I found myself whispering over and over again, “Can you ever forgive me?”

I was surprised by what was coming out of my mouth, but kept on chanting the phrase over again while sending her a beam of love. I then visualized the love reaching her at school. I continued for about ten minutes and eventually completed the exercise and went on with my day.

Once home from school, my grand children proceeded to treat me with their customary defiance and rudeness. But to my delight, later that evening, my granddaughter came up to me quite unsolicited, put her head on my chest and hugged me very lovingly and tenderly. I was astonished by this sudden act of affection, and reciprocated. We stood there hugging very silently for a short while. Throughout that evening, my granddaughter came to me five more times to hug me, a totally new experience for me...

Darlene is best-selling author of the book series Conscious Women Conscious Lives: Transformational Stories of Healing Body, Mind and Soul, with the 5th in series being released this spring. Darlene is passionate about helping others discover their life purpose through seminars, workshops and coaching. Darlene has traveled throughout North America and Europe as a speaker on inspirational topics, but specifically, How to Discover Your Life Mission using intuition, dreams and the language of God. Her first book Dream Yourself Awake is a personal journal through dreams to discover her own personal life mission. Darlene has appeared in the media on radio and TV across North America. Some noted shows are Michael Coren Live, Breakfast TV, Global News Toronto, Good Morning Canada and many more.

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For questions or interviews email or call 416-696-1684.

Conscious Women Conscious Relationship available in E-book and Soft cover. 170 Pages

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Lifedreams Communications, Seminars and Publishing is the place where conscious products, seminars and services originate. Darlene Montgomery, creator and president of the company which origninated in 1993 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is author of 6 books and has designed and presented 100's of seminars and workshops on subjects relating to conscious relationships, creating boundaries, overcoming codependant behaviour and more. Montgomery has travelled throughout North America and Europe as a speaker and coach. Lifedreams is also a source for coaching with a spiritual foundation helping women and men to create lives of purpose and passion.
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