Thalasso: A Sea of Sensations!

Every year lots of tourists come to Spain to enjoy sun, sand and the clear blue Mediterranean sea. But what most people are not aware of is that the sea has much more to offer...
Sept. 21, 2010 - PRLog -- Every year lots of tourists come to Spain to enjoy sun, sand and the clear blue Mediterranean sea. But what most people are not aware of is that the sea has much more to offer than a place where you go for sun bathing, build sandcastles with your children or for a cooling swim. Allow us to introduce you to the concept of Thalasso and next time you are there, you might look differently at the sea…

The word Thalasso therapy consists of the Greek ‘Thalassa’ (= sea) and ‘therapeia’ (= treat) and defines the therapeutic use of seawater and its components. Thalasso therapy is the use of these ingredients such as sea water, seaweed, mud and algae in favor of our human wellbeing.

Real Thalasso centres are located within 1 kilometer from the sea. If they are located further away than the water is not pumped directly from the sea. In those cases, salted water will be used, which has not the same effect as pure seawater. A visit to a Thalasso centre can do wonders. Pure seawater is the most complete and best moisturizing nutrient from nature.

The strength of a Thalasso cure is the natural and chemical similarity of the sea to the human blood plasma. It has strong healing properties and prevents possible illnesses, above all in scientific medical tests algae and seaweeds have proven to have powerful antiseptic and antibiotic properties, all purely natural, and both possess a diverse range of vitamins, calcium, iron, protein, minerals, etc.

Thalasso therapy is good for anti-stress, weight loss, cellulite reduction, post-natal toning, back problems, blood circulation problems and joint pains. In fact you can go to a Thalasso centre for almost everything! Typical Thalasso treatments are: algae baths, algae wraps, shower massages, jet showers, hydro massage, steam baths, etc.. For the best effect, the seawater in heated.

Thalasso is an originally French treatment method, but nowadays there is an increasing number of Thalasso resorts of high quality opening their doors in Spain. The mild and warm climate throughout the year, especially on the coast, makes of Spain a perfect Thalasso destination!

As an example there is one Thalasso centre in southern Spain, situated on the Costa del Sol and also close to Marbella, which we would like to high light. Selenza Thalasso & Spa in Estepona with her innovative and pioneering techniques, treatments and equipment, is a benchmark for tourism in the field of health and wellbeing in Spain. With over 2,000 m2 it is the largest saltwater Spa of Andalusia.

Here you can experience different types of Thalasso treatments, all tailored to your individual needs. Because Thalasso treatments are much more than just Spa treatments, they are all carried out under the supervision of a medical team. At the beginning of the cure you have a consult with a doctor, in which you discuss your personal goal and treatment program. In that way you know the treatment program is safe and healthy and you can enjoy the wonderful treatments without any worry. The Selenza Hotel Thalasso & Spa now offers a new and unique wellness concept; ¨ALL INCLUSIVE ¨ Spa program, which means everything from the Thalasso treatments menu can be chosen whatever you want and as often as you want!

After a week of relaxation, in which you have experienced all the special characteristics of the sea, you will feel reborn. A Thalasso spa is a real treat, and is good for you at the same time! Look at the Spanish Costas with different eyes and dive into a sea of sensations ….

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