It's Not Rocket Science. But Apple Computer Is Set To Take Off

Few stocks trade on emotion the way that Apple Computer does. Often it seems that every move their charismatic but controversial CEO (Steve Jobs) makes has the ability to move the stock by several dollars at a time but there are other key factors.
By: Jonathan Baker
Sept. 7, 2010 - PRLog -- In reality this stock's performance follows it's fundamentals more closely than people realise. Despite being close to the upper part of the stock's recent trading range, Apple Computer is set to move to an all time high in the coming months.

Jonathan Baker, A Senior Portfolio Manager and Analyst at Bristol Offshore in Luxembourg says "The math is quite simple when it comes down to the basic figures on Apple Computer: Current Turnover in the past 12 months was a record US$51 Billion but Iphone and Ipad sales are fully expected to add over US$36 Billion to this figure by the end of 2011. This will drive the revenue and stock price through the roof in the coming months"

We can see the correlation between revenue and stock price quite clearly in the graph here but is it as simple as all that?

Jonathan says "Frankly, when it comes to the trading discipline for this stock, yes it is! Expected turnover along with increased profitability will boost this stock into the mid to high 300's in the coming months as we see the revenue grow with the iPHONE4 and iPAD not to mention the newly formed enterprise sales division which is expected to propel Apple Sales into the corporate arena with great success Apple has a large amount of cash in bank and Zero Debt which makes this stock not only attractive for its potential upside but also a very safe bet for cautious investors."

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Disclosure: Mr Baker holds a position of 110,000 shares in Apple Computer. 40,000 bought @ $187, 30,000 bought @ $225.60 and 40,000 bought @ $248.20.

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