What's the future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Let's find out whats in store for search engine optimizers in the near future. Is search engine optimization going to stay or not?
Aug. 26, 2010 - PRLog -- Well, that's a very broad and at the same time controversial question for sure. Precisely nobody knows how the search engines algorithms work. There is a huge controversy going on whether search engine companies give keyword placement for certain fees annually or not. Small search engines may even provide keyword placement for fees but again how many people are going to search on such smaller search engines. That's an intelligent question.

No doubt one can obtain back link though but will that serve the purpose if one has to pay for such service. Many small start-up businesses and professionals who work independently (like doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, psychologists etc.) cannot afford to pay for such services to obtain keyword placement or even to obtain back links. That's typically out of budget for such small start-up firms or for independent professionals. Pay per Click (PPC) is also typically very expensive marketing concept that will typically only suit to well established businesses or those who can spare hundreds and thousands of extra dollars as part of their advertising campaign.

This is also true that big search engine giants (like Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN) make their revenue from PPC advertising and so they can well survive to provide their services in the best possible way to the end users. Also, these big search engine giants provide some of their valuable services free of charge. Here are some examples of such free services - free email accounts for common people to use, creating free web pages for individuals, professionals, and friends to establish their online presence, making social networking also very inexpensive for online users. "The good news is that for small business firms and independent professionals organic  search engine optimization  will certainly work as this is the most economical concept that is available to the end users to make their online presence on the World Wide Web. If they can spare one or two hours on a daily basis to promote their own website then they could do it themselves. Off course patience is needed as no instant results can be expected as organic search engine optimization is time consuming." Also, once good ranking is attained for the website for the selected keywords, one should not give up doing offline SEO tasks as this will help his or her competitors to overtake in rankings. But yes, once a decent ranking is obtained, one can minimize his or her efforts to say half an hour daily or six to seven hours a week as this will help to retain rankings and if the website has not reached the top, will help in climbing to the number one position. More importantly, never must one give up his or her offline promotional activities if the desired results are not visible after investing certain amount of time.

It is well recommended that even before planning to launch one’s business or professional website, he or she must be well versed with SEO concept and its implementation so that they could create their own unique website with their own unique content to rich the top in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) the least inexpensive way adopting organic search engine optimizing techniques. That's the best part of organic search engine optimization for making an online presence the least inexpensive method for the small businesses and independent professionals who cannot spend huge sums as part of their promotional and advertising campaign. Logically thinking only twenty percent (20%) or even lesser there exists the so called rich and affluent class and remaining eighty percent (80%) of world population is not that rich and thus very handful of people on earth can spend huge money on their PPC (Pay per Click) campaign. This makes search engine optimization (SEO) the only option available to promote one's business online the least inexpensive way organically.

"Undoubtedly, there remains a very bright future for organic  search engine optimization (SEO)  for the very reason that it is the least inexpensive method to promote one's business or profession online in organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and there by attracting steady visitors and increasing potential customers and sales."

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