How to Remove a Ripoff Report from Google: Online Reputation Management Strategy

The only way to remove a ripoff report filed is to hire a company like Grow Clicks to push it down in the search rankings. Most companies will charge between $2,000-10,000 to do this. Grow Clicks has an affordable solution to this
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July 29, 2010 - PRLog -- Ripoff Removal is a growing trend in the online reputation management field. There are very few things a company can do in order to protect themselves against a Ripoff Report. In fact, anyone can file a Ripoff Report against anyone and ruin their online reputation for good. A lot of companies will file false Ripoff Reports about their competitors. A good percentage of Ripoff Reports are simply untrue claims about a company from an unruly customer. Most companies that have Ripoff Reports filed against them do not even realize that they are losing business until they get a phone call from a customer telling them that they found the company's Ripoff Report on the first page of Google. This is an unfair system and unless you have the right company handling your online reputation management, you lose a lot of money.

Why is a Ripoff Report so Damaging?
Google considers an 'authority website' and gives them a priority listing above almost any other competing website. This means that if a Ripoff Report is filed against your company name, most of the time the page will be right under your company's website in the search engine results when someone types in your company's name. Most business owners don't realize that over 75% of customers looking to purchase big ticket items (over $100) will search for a company's or business owner's name in Google first. Most people will search the name after they are presented with a quote from the company they're researching. This means that you can exhaust your resources consulting a client and spend the time customizing a quote for them with no shot at actually making a sale. Lets face it, when someone sees the word 'Rip Off' right next to your company's name in Google there is an extremely low chance that person will actually give you money.

So, how do you Remove Ripoff Reports?

You can't. That's right, there is no way to actually remove a Ripoff Report once it is listed. has an unbending policy to not ever delete ripoff reports from their server once they are filed.

But don't worry, Grow Clicks have a solution. What if that Ripoff Report was hidden all the way back to page 5 of Google? Do you think anyone would even know it was there? The truth is, most people don't even go to page two of the search engines to look for information about a company. In fact, even the most skeptical consumers won't get anywhere near page five of Google. That means that a hidden ripoff report in Google is basically a removed ripoff report for all intensive purposes.

How does Grow Clicks Remove Ripoff Reports by Hiding them?

By creating positive information about your company and flood the internet with it. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds. There are a lot of specific formulas and methods involved in this process which can not be leaked over the internet, however, the main thing to understand is that the only valid technique is based around replacing negative content with positive content, thus giving your company an appealing positive image. The fact that clients will not find any bad reviews when they search for your name which will boost sales tremendously.

To find out more specifics about this process, check out Grow Clicks' Ripoff Report Removal ( page.

Now, the drawbacks:
You are never invulnerable. If another Ripoff Report is filed against you, that Ripoff Report will get to the top pretty fast. The only way around this is to hire a company like Grow Clicks to maintain an active online reputation management campaign that will constantly monitor the reports filed on and other websites while maintaining an active online public relations profile for your company. This is usually pretty affordbale and also has the added benefit of bringing a lot of clients to the door.

In conclusion, the only way to remove a ripoff report filed is to hire a company like Grow Clicks to push it down in the search rankings. Most companies will charge between $2,000-10,000 to do this. Grow Clicks has an extremely small setup fee and they only bill you when the Ripoff Report is removed. If you have a Ripoff Report filed against you or your company then this really is a no-brainer.

If you have a Ripoff Report that you need removed, go to Grow Clicks and fill out a request form: Remove Ripoff Report (

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