No credit card required - A truly Free people search engine.

Are you interested in finding people in the united states free of charge? This service is a truly free people search engine that requires no credit card.
July 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Most places are charging a large fee for single results..
Anywhere from $1.50 up to $19.95 for results you can get for free.

Here are the simple steps to locating someone for free.
(SORRY! BEFORE! I discuss the steps I want you to know right now you will need to complete 1 short 5 minute survey in order to unlock 24hrs of free results.)  I like to be honest with my visitors instead of have them find out on there own.. Why waste your time.. You know what I mean?

That is way way fair right? We have to have some-way of paying to update the database and what not, so you are helping us stay in business.

Okay Now the STEPS :)

Step 1.
       Go To --------   --------Go To

BOOKMARK IT!            For future searches                 BOOKMARK IT!

Step 2.
       Follow the directions that are provided on the website.

Step 3.
       Fill in the people search box at the bottom of the website.

Step 4.
       Locate the person you are in search of from the list and then click Unlock.

Step 5.
       Complete the 5 minute survey and BAM!

24hrs of free people search results!
If you have ever done a people search in the past you know as well as I do it get expensive!

# # #

Start out free and remain free until you see the cash come in. We provide a Free people search engine that is built and maintained for you. You advertise it, people click it, unlock free results from your search engine, BAM! More info @

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